I love you…always!

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017. 10:50am (13 hours, 10 mins to your birthday)


My Hadassah,

Words fail me to describe who you are to me, what you mean to me or the kind of woman you are. I met you in Great Ife and I would be forever grateful to God who made our paths cross. What would my life be like without you in it? It’s a rhetoric question because I don’t ever want to know, feel, experience or even imagine the answer to that.

I cannot remember the precise day, month or year we met, but I would assume it was in 2004. You became my best friend in October 2005, agreed to walk life with me April 29th,2007 and made it legal June 25th, 2011.


I have always told you and I mean it when I say it, that after the gift of JESUS, and the FAMILY I was born into, you’re God’s GREATEST gift to me. Thank you for saying YES to me. Thank you for saying I DO at the altar. Thank you for loving me.


Daddy and Mummy named you Titilope Adetola Oladepo. But when I met you and you agreed to become one with me, I named you Didun and Hadassah. THADA, you have brought sweetness into my life. Many times I gaze at my life, from the outside, and wonder why God was so gracious to give me you.

Thank you for bearing Eriifeoluwa, Ewaifeoluwa, and Eniifeoluwa. They are indeed our rewards from God. I feel cheated though as they all, as at now, seem to look so much like you. But we both know you are the finer of us, so,I joyfully concede defeat on that! May they grow to be more beautiful than you are, inside and outside.

Thank you for choosing to marry me, when all I had was THE CALL OF GOD. Thank you for believing in me and the vision enough to say YES when there were ‘more qualified’ suitors. Thank you for seeing beauty in me when many ladies of that time saw little or nothing. THANK YOU Hadassah!

I remember like yesterday the times we ate biscuit and drank water to bed. I remember when I had to wait for you to bring home your food from Health Plus, which you kept to share with your hubby because there was no money at home. I remember when the ministry had to ‘borrow’ from your salary to bless lives and pay for forums. I remember…

Recently, when burglars made us leave our house, I remember watching you carrying little Samuel at your back, holding one of the older two and carrying other things, walking the road with me as I held the other and other belongings. You slept on the floor with me without EVER COMPLAINING for almost two months. How can I say THANK YOU?????

You’ve never questioned my authority as head in our home, even when some decisions boomeranged. You have submitted to me and honoured me in the fear of the Lord. I will live all my life honouring you dear for that and more.

MINE Family has become our family. The days of Dream Center at Ajuwon were pivotal for us. You adopted several teenagers, making sons and daughters of them. Plenty cooking everyday, even when many of them did not appreciate your efforts and a few even threw it at your face. What manner of woman are you! When members of MINE TM around the globe celebrate me, it is you they are actually celebrating!

The God, that I serve continually, BLESS YOU and KEEP YOU for me and the millions of souls tied to you. MINE Teenage Ministry is where it is today because of God, my supportive parents, amazing partners, members and YOU! THANK YOU Titilope.

Should I talk about your meals that keep me salivating and expectant? Should I talk of how devoted you are to my satisfaction in that area I cannot mention because of minors reading this…lol Should I talk about the fact that you are my stylist or that fact that you are my “barber” in lay man terms. You cut my hair with almost precision. What would I do without you!

When God decided to give man, a help, MEET, for him, HE knew what HE was doing. My love, you are THE HELP, MEET FOR Oluwatimilehin Adigun. None else could and would ever come close. Just looking at God’s choice of you is a reminder that GOD IS GOOD!


“I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!” Those are words you have heard many times. I hope never to have to repeat them but I am certain I will because I am human. Titilope mi, I apologize for EVERY single hurt I have caused you, known or unknown to me. I NEVER INTENDED TO, in words and/or deeds. Again I say, I am sorry! Please forgive me. All you deserve is happiness, and that is what I am committed to giving you as long as you live!

In a few hours, the world would be joining me in celebrating you, a VIRTUOUS WOMAN. I want you to know, before they start, that no one appreciates you more than I do. I appreciate you with everything that makes me me and I LOVE YOU more than I ever thought was possible.


Thank you for being my friend, best friend, sister, nurse, prayer partner, cook, ‘barber’, assistant, partner in ministry, greatest cheerleader, lover, mother to our children, partner in sowing…and more!!!

Eri, Ewa and Eni love you so much. You are the best mother they could have ever wished for. In their growing years, they will tell you so with their own words. IT IS EVIDENT TO ALL. You’re an amazing mum, my dear. Thank you for putting your family first when you quit your job two years ago to be with us. Our lives are MUCH RICHER because of your sacrifice and God is sure pleased with you!


You’re human and not perfect. You’ve hurt me too (not as often as I have hurt you though) but I do not take them to account because LOVE covers all.

We would be six years married next month. I do not know what God has planned ahead in details but I am certain the plans are GOOD and BEAUTIFUL. And I am eternally grateful to Him that He has stamped it that that future would feature me and you FOR LIFE!!! That is SIMPLY AMAZING!

And in the spirit of WORLD VIRGINITY DAY, thank you for being my VIRGIN BRIDE. It has been ‘divine’ learning and experimenting together. We entered our home as amateurs and now we are… (lol)

My topmost prayer to God in recent times, and I know it will top the list until I see Jesus, is “Father, please make me the best husband to Titilope and make our home an example for the church and world to emulate.” And holding on to Mark 11:24, I KNOW I HAVE IT!

I will end my Open Letter here, sweetheart, trusting and relying on God, to help me LIVE OUT even more than I could ever express the LOVE I have for you!

Thank you for being mine.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in a bit, my look alike!


I love you! I Love you!! I LOve you!!! I LOVe you!!!! I LOVE you!!!!! I LOVE You!!!!!! I LOVE YOu!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU NOW!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ETERNALLY!!!!!!!!!!


Yours in breath-taking love,


Does she know you love her?

​It’s not your birthday yet, and it’s not Mother’s Day.

You’re not leaving earth yet either but I won’t wait until then to celebrate you.

Sinmisola Olufunke Adigun  (nee Freeman), GOD BLESS YOU!

I told you privately that when people celebrate me, they are also indirectly celebrating you because God used you to groom me into the man I have become. 

You’ve been through a lot and I celebrate your strength. 

You are the best teacher and educationist I know. Right from your days at Anglican Grammar School, Ibadan; Eleyele Grammar School, Ibadan; Dansol High School, Lagos; to Yeshua High School, Ogun, you’ve left indelible marks in the lives of your students.

I am proud to have been your student in Dansol. I couldn’t have asked for a better principal that brought the best out of me.

You’re not without faults but your faults are barely seen by Timilehin because your heart of LOVE and selflessness covers it all. I learnt to love and give from you, traits I’d forever be grateful for.

Thanks for being the best wife to dad, John Olatunji Adigun. And being the best mother to Tomisin, Timilehin, Toni, and Toyitan.

Thank you for being an amazing grandmother to the many grandchildren God is rewarding you with. 

I make bold to say you’re fertile ground for sowing. The grace on your life that produced the amazing children you have is one to tap into. That’s why I look for opportunities to sow into your life and I know more opportunities are coming. 

I need to stop here. I will still honour you when you sleep in the Lord, but IN YOUR LIFETIME, I will yet honour you, mother!

Note to all my sons, daughters and proteges, please HONOUR your parents, and do so while they have ears to hear you and eyes to see you. Write a letter, buy a gift, call them. Let them know they are loved!

God bless you mummy.

You’d be 60 in November and I trust God to make it MEMORABLE for you! 

I love you!


You Need To Remember! 

​Tears sting my eyes as I write this. By the way, it has been so long I blogged but I’m back and better. Please follow this blog by email and you’d get my posts straight in your inbox.

Why do I want to cry?

My family just moved to Lekki, by divine instruction. So, if you are on the Island, I’m closer to you now than ever before. Feel free to book a personal session with Doctor Love. Back to the gist. So, with new location,  comes plenty packing and unpacking. 

My wife, lover of books (who insisted we make a beautiful bookshelf when we got married) was arranging our bookshelf. She actually still is arranging as I type.  She is the neatest and most organized woman in the world. So, while arranging, she saw a jotter (my sister, Tomisin, and her husband’s wedding souvenir) and after a few minutes of looking through, she gave  me.

I had to fight the tears because David and Esther are awake. I’m still fighting the tears. I saw the words my sweetheart, my love, wrote to me May 2008. That’s about eight (8) years ago. I saw RAW LOVE and DEVOTION. I saw the beginning!!!

I still love my wife with my life, same with her, but there was something refreshing and warming about seeing her express those words to me when our love was just growing. The words took me back years ago to the wee moments of our love relationship. And in that moment, love for my wife rose to a new level.

She’s presently carrying Samuel  (backing him), talking to David, explaining the children’s program on Daystar to him as Esther listens on. We have been through a lot in five (5)  years of marriage and I make bold to say, SHE IS THE BEST WIFE IN THE WORLD. 

I have been so overwhelmed with growing the ministry, being a husband and father,  being there for countless proteges across the world, that I have forgotten to be my wife’s BEST FRIEND, not just a friend. I am glad I read her letter again today. I am reminded of my primary responsibility. And I will live up to it.

So, for you reader, have you lost your fire (in your relationship, marriage, career, studies, business, ministry, walk with God etc), YOU NEED TO REMEMBER! Take a memory  (or physical trip) to where it all started and take time to relive the moments. Get the passion back. Rekindle the fire. Go back to where it all started from…And if it makes you cry, just let the tears run…

As I conclude, I also want to ask you to do things in the present (write a letter, go on a date, post on your blog, take pictures…) Just capture this moment. You will need the memory in years to come. 

Thank you for reading. I would be posting very regularly now and you don’t want to miss my posts.  Please remember to follow this blog via email and do well to share on your social media pages via the buttons beneath.

I love you!

Doctor Love

Five years and counting!!!

All I find the voice to say is THANK YOU DAD! THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU!

Thank You Father, for giving me the BEST WIFE in the entire universe. Titilope, if i could undo anything, I’d make sure I met you earlier and married you sooner.

Thank you THADA for making my life beautiful. Thank you for loving me in spite of my inadequacies. You’re God’s gift and comfort to me.

I look forward to spending my remaining 89 years with you, in love, joy, peace, prosperity, soundness of spirit, soul and body.


Thank you for the three amazing children you’ve given me. Words cannot be enough to express my gratitude to you for choosing to be mine, out of the several proposals you had.

I LOVE YOU and commit to loving more as my God helps me.

I bless you, the wife of my youth, with ALL my heart. God bless and keep you for me, now and always. Your joy in this marriage and in life WILL BE FULL in Jesus name, Amen.

I’m yours now and always.
I’m glad you’re mine.


The Love Series (Day 2): Love Embraces Imperfections!

Welcome to Day Two of our all-important series. I am finding it very interesting, won’t use the word ‘difficult’, knowing which aspect of love to talk about before the other. So, I would just simply flow and mention them as they come. If you have any questions as regarding love generally or based on what I would be sharing in this series, please post your questions as comments on The Love Series posts on my blog. I would be entertaining and answering questions from Day 16!

Now, to today’s business!

I once heard a dear friend of mine, Dr. Ayoade Adeoye, make a profound statement. She said and I quote, “We judge people by their ACTIONS but we judge ourselves by our INTENTIONS.” Hmmm! Maybe you should read that line over and again until you squeeze out ALL the juices in it.

A loved one doesn’t call you on your birthday, and because of that, you pick a fight, saying, “Of all people, how could you forget my birthday!”, not caring at all to know if the person has any tenable excuse. Whereas, if the ball was in your court and you forgot a loved one’s birthday, you would say to yourself, “Only if she knew she was on my mind all day…I was just so busy…I slept off…I was totally broke and couldn’t call…etc”

Do you understand please? Love GIVES EXCUSES for people! Love OVERLOOKS wrongs. Why? Because Love KNOWS that EVERY HUMAN BEING is a bundle of IMPERFECTIONS! You will not find a PERFECT man, woman, boy, girl, child, parent, husband, wife, employer, employee or colleague, on this side of eternity. NEVER.

“Timi, you’re wrong! I have seen perfect people!”
If that’s what you’re saying, I beg to differ. They LOOK and ACT and TALK and SOUND perfect is different from they ARE perfect. Ask the people that sleep on the same bed or live in the same house with them. Best bet would be to even ask them personally. If they are honest, they will tell you how broken and weak they are at some points in their lives.

So, if you wanna enjoy love, you need to know that the person you are choosing to intentionally and deliberately love (as I mentioned yesterday) is a flawed human. Don’t expect never to be hurt. Haven’t you hurt many people yourself?

So, when you look at that loved one, or intended loved one today, let a softness develop in your heart for that person. Remind yourself that she’s beautiful but not perfect. Tell yourself he’s georgious but not perfect. Remind yourself your child is cute but not perfect. Replay in your mind that your dad is strong but not perfect.

With this understanding, you won’t put an unnecessary, unachievable burden on that individual to match up to a standard no human being can meet.

NB: That said, please don’t take your husband or boyfriend’s beating up you as imperfection, don’t take your child talking back at you and spitting in your face as imperfection, and similar cases. Those ones are HUGE CHARACTER FLAWS that need to be dealt with. And that’s not the topic for today, nor for this series. You could reach me for personal counselling sessions on that.

Okay! It’s time to go into your world today and love the imperfect people around you. Thank you for taking the time to read the words of imperfect me. I believe in you and I see beauty, grace and strength in your imperfections. Let NO ONE despise you. NO ONE!

Until we “see” again tomorrow. Keep living. Keep loving!
I love you!

Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

I need a hug!

I know you might be the only one feeling what I am talking about, that is, you and I. Right now, I so feel like a hug. There are times in life you just need to feel arms around you; you just need someone to hold you tight, with or without words.

Guess what? Many times, you don’t get a hug just because you need one but the good news is there’s a secret that guarantees you’ll get a hug. HUG SOMEONE! You cannot give a hug without receiving one in return (I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before).

Now, if you’re married like me, the right person to turn to right now is your spouse. When you receive “hugging comfort” from somebody of the opposite sex, probability is high you’d keep going to that person and your heart begins to wander from your spouse. Please go home and get that needed hug.

images (6)
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For singles (unmarried, youth and teenagers), I strongly recommend occasional side hugs with the opposite sex for obvious reasons. If you want to know my reasons,  you could read You May Kiss Your Bride!

I advocate you get your full bear hugs from people of the same sex. One of my male proteges hugged me recently and the hug blessed me in ways I cannot explain. It’s the lust in us that wants to get the hug from the opposite sex. But IF YOU ARE SURE YOUR MIND IS CLEAN, then carry go and offer “healing hugs”. Again, please don’t use hugs to tap ‘current’. That’s an abuse of the beauty of hugs.

I just took a break from writing this to hug my wife and children. Esther was the third I hugged and we laughed  at the end of our hug. I feel MUCH BETTER.

Please go hug your dad, mum, husband, wife, child, sibling or whoever else you feel you should. Offer some love and receive some love.



Timi Wept!

You know I wept recently, as in really wept and my wife comforted me (you don’t need to know why I wept) lol!

Source: Google Images

Whether you’re weeping inwardly or outwardly now, please know that Jesus feels your pain! No matter how tough the situation is, talk to Him. Cast your burdens on Him and let Him walk the road with you. He loves you DESPERATELY and wants to help you. You’ll be stronger WHEN you allow Him hold your hand; that’s a promise!

I love you too!

Timi Adigun.

You may kiss your bride 2!


Thanks for the massive  response to my first post on this topic and thanks for the comments too. I would be glad if you share these posts with others. Please follow my blog too. Thanks.

Now, to my second reason for not kissing my wife after the presiding minister gave his blessing. Ready?


Now, this is so controversial and many of you would want to have my head after this but I guess I am entitled to my own opinion, right?

I personal feel kissing your spouse in front of hundreds or thousands of onlookers is rather inappropriate. Children might have to close their eyes, teens might start feeling things (don’t mind me…just expressing my thoughts). It becomes worse when the minister says “Go on! Go on!! Don’t stop!!!”…hmmm


I was at a meeting where couples were asked to kiss each other in the presence of many adolescents. The minister had a noble intention; to ignite some passion in marriages but I think he could have done that at an “Only Couples Dinner” or something.

A teenage girl beside me had to say, “Timi, I am very uncomfortable with this. Why are they doing this in our presence?” (paraphrased). I was much younger then.

I know I would get some counter arguments on this. I am open to them.


I love you! I’m sure you know that by now. Please keep visiting my blog; you’ll be glad you did.

And in between, I love my wife. Please stay faithful to your spouse!

Timi Adigun.