Tired of being on the same spot? 

Are you the enemy you’ve been praying against? 

Have you been on a spot for a long time? 

Have you been making little progress in spite of your hard work? 

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Be humble enough to seek the answers you need😁👌

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I apologize for sounding rude but this has to stop!

When are you going to stop going, cap in hand, begging???

When are you going to stop assuming your problem HAS TO BECOME another person’s problem?

When are you going to get out of that bed?

When are you going to put that TV off or turn your cellular/mobile data or WiFi off?

When are you going to write that book you’ve been putting off?

When are you going to apply for that job?

When are you going to follow up on that last major discussion?

When are you going to place that all-important call?

When are you going to step out and take the risk anyway?

When? WHen?? WHEn??? WHEN????


Your mates, those younger than you also, are doing EXPLOITS and achieving things but you are there holding your regular pity party but you are the only invitee.

Get UP!!!

Take your life personal.

Your breakthrough is waiting on you, not the other way around.

Seize the moment!

Please, close this page now, GET UP from your bed or chair and DO THAT THING you’ve always wanted to do. If you need someone to be accountable to in achieving the goals, holla at me or find someone close to you that you’d listen to!

You’d thank me later!

I love you!!!

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The Love Series (Day 15): Love Grows With Humility!

We have been talking about love for two weeks now, and this is the start of the third week. Please be reminded that I would start responding to questions from tomorrow so please send in your questions, even if they are private (your identity will be witheld); somebody else might just be going through the same thing and your asking would help him/her.

Okay! Today, I’m talking about Love Grows With Humility. A love relationship in which one or both parties is proud or conceited would have MANY problems. Love and pride cannot flow together. I’m sure you would have gotten a glimpse of that when we discussed Love as regards Forgiveness, Compromise, Sacrifice, Giving and more. But today, I want to throw a little more light on humility.

If you want your love relationship with your spouse, boo, child, parent, or what-have-you to flourish, you must garnish the plate of love with humility. Another way to put it, would be “respect for the other party”.

How? It’s simple.

Don’t think twice before you say I AM SORRY when she is upset. Please don’t defend yourself or give excuses. You can explain later. But at that particular point of offense, please say I AM SORRY. Don’t shorten it to SORRY. Spell it out I-AM-SORRY!!! and let it reflect in your voice and body language that you mean the apology. That’s humility (even if you were not at fault). That’s LOVE!

images (62)
Source: Google Images 

Secondly, please make it a habit to say THANK YOU. In many love relationships, we take somethings forgranted and say “it’s his responisbility” or “am I to thank her for doing her job?”. Hey! That’s not love. Love appreciates and is humble enough to express it. Thank her for a beautiful meal. Thank him for the paid bills. Thank her for washing the dishes. Be appreciative. Only humble people can do that…a proof of love.

Thirdly, please make use of “please” in every request. Honour your loved one by respecting their person. Don’t bark out orders. Be polite about your demands. “Please, bring me a cup of tea”, “Please don’t forget to pick the children from school”, “Please shut the door behind you”, etc. Your home, relationship or friendship would experience a burst in “Love energy” when respect is the order of the day.

Finally, please be open with your loved one(s). That’s the highest form of humility. Be vulnerable with him/her. Don’t keep secrets, especially for married couples and/or couples soon to be married. I know it’s hard but I’m telling you what I live by. My wife knows ALL my secrets; good, bad and ugly…ALL!!! And I know all hers too. That’s humility! That’s LOVE!

NB: As regards opening up, please be sure you have a lifetime commitment to the person before you do that. If you need clarifications, I’m here for you.

So, reach out to that loved one today and show some respect and appreciation and KEEP AT IT for life. And for you, a husband or wife with a haunting secret, it’s time to tell your spouse. If you really need a trusted counsellor to intermediate because of how serious it is, you could reach me and I’ll be glad to help. The success of your love life is my joy.

Please share this post with all family and friends. You never know who needs this. Save a love relationship today! Social media share links are below this post. You could download the audios of this series on my podcast page and send to ALL your loved ones. It’s time for a LOVE REVOLUTION!

Please remember that I’ll start taking questions tomorrow. Until then, please KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING!!!

I love you!
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)


Are you guilty of this?

The Palm Of Hadassah

Just in case you knew but forgot or you are seeing this word for the first time, Alibi means Excuses!!!

Right from the first humans that God created, we have been giving excuses for doing what we should not do and for not doing what we should. The interesting part is that most times, if not every time, those excuses look tenable and we feel others should understand. One thing I really want to emphasize here is that many times we want people to understand our excuses but we don’t want to accept their reasons for not being or doing their best. Really I believe excuses should not be part of our lives-we should give everything we commit to, our best always and when we fall short, we should take responsibility and not pass the blame. This is because there is always a better approach to getting things done but…

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Full yet?


Thanks for stopping by to read today!

The year is already fast moving. It is the ninth already. Before we realize it, January is over and there goes another 31days. What have you done with the year yet?

There are many things you would need to challenge yourself to do and/or achieve this year but please allow me to add just ONE. Please LEARN. Learn as many new things as you can but please make sure they are praise-worthy things. Or is your head full already?

Source: Google Images

I doubt that!

Please learn new skills, learn new instruments if you can. Try a new language. Learn a new sports. Learn to drive. Learn a new dance. Learn a new business. Just learn. And to achieve that, you MUST READ.

Please get your brain and your mind working and active in 2016. You would be glad you did!

The difference between the rich and poor, the successful and failed, the ‘high’ and ‘low’ is majorly KNOWLEDGE (information). So, get going now!

And in case you are overwhelmed, wondering where to start, please say a short prayer of faith. God WILL lead you to the right information that will usher you into your greatness in 2016 (Proverbs 3:5-6). I believe in you!

I love you!

You will win!

I have always marveled at the unparalleled ecstasy and thrill we experience whenever we win. I was sitting close to a lady sometime recently; she was playing Candy Crush! You should have seen her joy every time she won. I couldn’t help smiling along, sharing in her joy. Winning is beautiful.

I desire you to win also in EVERY sphere of your life. There are SEVERAL key notes and nuggets when it comes to winning but for the sake of this post, I would mention just four (4).

I would use as a case-study a football match we played over the weekend. I doubled as coach and ‘super-sub’. It was a beautiful football match and we loved it all the way. By the way, we won 2-1.

To win, my first nugget to you is HAVE A PLAN!

Timi, the Coach

Draw up your winning strategy. No one just wakes up in the morning and wins. You need to map out a plan, direct a course and endeavor to stick to it.

Secondly, be up and doing. Start executing your plans. While not executing, rehearse/practice/experiment; that is, keep working on yourself to improve your chances and reduce your odds against your competition.

Timi warming up
John scoring the first goal

As a third nugget, I would ask that you please get like-minded people on your team. Get cheer leaders! In this world of many ‘Nay-Sayers’, get a committed team of supporters who would stand by you, advise you and constructively criticize you as the case may be. You will continuously need their cheers. And be faithful to your supporters (family, friends, co-workers, etc)!

Titilope, my No 1 fan!
My amazing children!
Some of our excited supporters; Juliana, Funmi, Courageous, Debbie, Grace, Princess, Loveth, Simi…and many more

Finally, my fourth nugget is: CELEBRATE your successes; even the little ones! Please, tap yourself on the shoulder every now and then and appreciate yourself (even if others don’t.) Never allow discouragement get the better of you at any time.

Timi celebrating the winning goal with the two scorers, John and Bethel (Bethel in purple scored the winner).

I believe in you and know you will win!

Shout out to Pastor Tobi Alli (Dr. Feel)  and his adorable wife for hosting us!!!

Pastor Tobi Alli
Pastor (Mrs) Alli
Our hosts!

I love you!

Timi Adigun

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YES! This is YOUR month!

Good morning friends and family! God told me December is the month of SHIFT. And a few minutes ago, about 09:00 01/12/2015, He started giving me some words for some people. I don’t know which is yours. But please receive in faith. HOLD ON FIRM IN CONFESSION OF FAITH and please remember to share your testimonies.

*Please note: Not all these are for you; might be ONE or MORE. God is addressing different people.

  • You will receive some strange instructions from God. Get confirmations and go ahead to act on them. They will yield great results.
  • You have been toiling and haven’t seen the dividends; they will begin to appear this month.
  • Things were particularly hard for you in November; December will be a smooth sail.
  • You visited the hospital more than you’ve ever done before in the past couple of months; your visits are over.
  • Day has been seeming like night to you. I’m about brightening your life.
  • You were rejected five times. Go once more!
  • Someone has been harassing you in your sleep saying “Your time is up!”. You still have many more years on earth, God says.
  • Prayer will be your key throughout 2016.
  • You’ve entered a season of repossession; things you lost are coming back.
  • The pain of your past will produce the glory of your future.
  • Dance for the season of never ceasing joy is here!
  • Faithful is HE who has called you, who will enable you.
  • I did not call you to put you to shame.
  • Mardock has failed (guess this is for an individual)
  • I’m brightening your eyes; no more sorrow and tears.
  • Trade your heart’s desires for Mine, says the Lord, and you’ll get much more.
  • Be patient with her; she’ll change.
  • I didn’t tell you to go into that relationship and you know it.
  • If you stay with him, you’ll still have five (5) more abortions.
  • Lighten up that load you’ve placed on your employees.
  • Yesterday was good. Your tomorrow will be much better.
  • Don’t play God. Let me be God and you, a man!
  • You’ve been despised for so long. You are about to bloom!
  • The cloud that had blocked your shining has just given way.
  • Never again will anybody have an object of reproach to throw at you.
  • Stay true to the cause; you’ll come out on the other side successfully and unharmed.
  • You will smile at last!

That’s all I heard. I look forward to rejoicing with you. Please share this. Some of these words may be for a neighbor or loved one!

God bless us all. December will be SWEET! I’m expectant! Glory to Jesus.