Sex and the Unmarried! 

I gave my shortest and arguably my most intense talk on SEX at BALL 2017.
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This picture was taken a few weeks to my wedding, a few days to the 1st World Virginity Day. 

We are raising a new generation of people who are not ashamed and refuse to be stigmatized or bullied because they are VIRGINS. 

We encourage virgins to stay strong and maintain their values and we encourage those who have made mistakes to make amends. We are a movement of both virgins and non-virgins. We condemn NO ONE!

Our ultimate goal is to see a sane and decent world in a few years to come…where our children, right from nursery school see sexual purity as a CHOICE they can make without feeling insecure about it. 

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We can, we will!

Disclaimer: This cover page is subject to change!
I am saddened and distraught by how anomalies are becoming norms in our society.
These things never were but NO ONE spoke up CONSISTENTLY.
We won’t keep quiet o! God, in His mercy, will amplify our voices!
Our boys can’t keep their pants up, our girls think they owe the guys something, and our values are being eroded! Those who were taught right and trying to act accordingly are being victimized, directly or indirectly.
MINE 53 cover
Watch celebrity news!
Listen to the hit songs!
Watch the highest grossing movies!
These are the people and things our young people follow and believe, not our “sermons” or “admonitions”.
We need to show them the way!
We need to offer them another way!
Would you join us?
We have edited plans! NO MORE TBS! We would instead print thousands of this edition (that contains stories, testimonies and words of people, especially teens who are standing tall for #nosum).
Together, we CAN, together, WE WILL!

World Virginity Day 2016

These are our WVD 2016 official flyers. We are printing 30,000 copies and 10,000 Purity Cards (commitment cards)! Those would be distributed in hard copy across the different locations.
Posting the pictures here now, so you are well ‘armed’ with pictures to post on your social media platforms on Saturday as we celebrate Sexual Purity.
Please be a part of this REVOLUTION!!!
God bless you!
#nosum #minetm #worldvirginityday







“Thank you for talking about Virginity. I thought I was the only virgin left”. Those were the words of a 14-year old girl who needed someone to speak up on Virginity.

World Virginity Day (WVD) is an annual event, powered by MINE Teenage Ministry, a non-profit organization committed to Moulding, Inpsiring, Nuturing and Empowering Teenagers.

WVD holds every second Saturday in June. We held the first in 2011. This year, 2016, marks the 6th year. We have recorded huge successes in all the five previous campaigns.

Why is it called World Virginity Day not World Sexual Purity Day?
We believe in Sexual Purity and that’s the underlying message we are advocating but we have a BIGGER GOAL; restoring the value of VIRGINITY. We want to raise a generation of children, teenagers and youth that know it’s okay and normal to keep yourself until your wedding night.

Currently, we live in a world, where the media is telling the young chaps to “DO IT”. Please do a survey in your local schools and you’d discover that virgins are ashamed of their “status”. Their friends make them feel like weirdos or outcasts. It wasn’t like this in the beginning. We want virgins to know they are doing the right thing. We want to strengthen them by letting them know they are not alone.

What of those that have had sex already?
It’s unfortunate that has happened but we ask them to stay sexually pure hence. That it has happened before doesn’t mean it should continue. They can decide from RIGHT NOW to stay pure and God will honour them for it. In fact, we celebrate them more and their spouses too would, because it takes more strength to say NO after you’ve been there before.

What do we hope to achieve from WVD?
I am excited as I reveal this to you. We want to RAISE a new generation. Where in ten years, if you visit a secondary school and ask how many boys and girls are sexually active, no hand would come up. Because a new culture of Sexual Purity and Keeping Sex for Marriage would have become the new NORM.

So, this campaign is more for our unborn children, primary school children and other youngsters. We’re replacing a generation that is confused with a generation that would be better informed. We want them to see that it’s BEAUTIFUL to keep sex until marriage and stay sexually pure in the process.

Our acronym, which has become an internationally trending tag is NOSUM, No Sex Until Marriage. So, when you post things on social media, especially relating to this topic, please add #nosum


Titi and I (Coordinators of MINE Teenage Minsitry) were virgins on our wedding night. Please remember what I said earlier, this is not to spite those who have made mistakes but to both save and encourage the upcoming generation.


And guess what? Not all of us on this campaign are virgins. Some have done it, had sex, done abortions, are single mums, etc but we are taking to stand to both stay sexually pure and help the younger ones not to make the mistakes we made.

We desire to hold this year’s campaign at Expo Center, Eko Hotel, Lagos and broadcast live across ALL continents of the world.
One young boy or girl that would have become a rapist or sex addict, or would have contracted some STD, would see it and be “saved”. It’s all in the power of love. Please let’s come together and make a difference.

Thank you so much!

To be a part of this, please give your best.
Our estimated budget for this year is about N20million (twenty million naira). 1,000 of us giving N20,000 would settle it and we know some of us can even foot the bill singlehandedly. This is A WORTHY CAUSE.

It’s not about a religion, or political party, or gender or race. It’s about OUR FUTURE and the LIVES of our VULNERABLE CHILDREN.

Donations should please be forwarded to:
MINE Teenage Ministry

We are people of integrity. We would give a 100% detailed account of how much came in and how it was spent. Please partner with us. People have already started responding. It requires urgency, especially for booking down the venue.

Many thanks again for taking your time to read this.

God bless you and give you reasons to be glad you joined us!

Timi Adigun.

We won’t be quiet anymore!

Please let us raise our voices.
Values we once held dear are being eroded because people who believe in “wrong” are putting their money where their mouth is. You might not feel affected yet but would you want your son or granddaughter taught in school by a transgendered man/woman or a rapist. His/her life would never remain the same. Seeds you cannot uproot easily would have been sown.
Our governments so far in Nigeria, thankfully, have upheld our cultural values, but Media, especially Social Media, Movies, Music, and Reality Shows are mis-informing our children and teenagers and there’s no voice loud enough on the “other side” to give them an alternative. The battle for their hearts has been won without a fight. WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK!


Please, if not MINE Teenage Ministry, give some worthy support to organizations promoting godly values.
We (MINE TM) are planning WORLD VIRGINITY DAY (the 6th edition) and we want to have it at the Expo Center, Eko Hotel, Lagos, to be aired live across the world. We want to give the “competition” a run for their money. We want to save your children (present or unborn); we want to preserve sanity. We want the upcoming generation to know there’s an alternative to what they are hearing and seeing EVERYWHERE. Sexual Purity is POSSIBLE.
Our budget is N20million (twenty million naira). Please be a part of an unprecedented “REVIVAL OF VALUES”.
Total Accountability of your funds would be made after the event on this same platform.


Date : Saturday, June 11th, 2016.
Venues: Different locations across the world (you could offer a venue in your location)
Central location: Lagos, Nigeria.
Proposed Lagos Venue: The Expo Center.
Please partner with us. 1,000 people giving 20,000naira and we’re good. There’s at least one person reading this that can singlehandedly sponsor this. Many lives would be forever indebted to you.
Please don’t ignore this message.
If you feel you cannot do much now, do the little you can and please tell people about it.
Please share this broadcast message until we all IN ONE VOICE stand for restoration of the values we once held dear.
#nosum #sexualpurity