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For all who have been long awaiting the reprint of my fiction books, I would soon have good news for you, Books like La Conferencia,  Choices, Sheepish-Wolves, In The Bid To Love, The Veil are about to return to bookstores.
And for the first time, I would be releasing my non-fiction books too, top on the list is The Love Series.
Release date: Saturday, May 14th 2016. Save up your money oh!!!
Much love!
Timi Adigun.


The Top Nigerian Christian Teenage Fiction book!

Looking for an African Christian romance experience? See it through the struggles, discoveries and victories of these teenagers. This is a much sought-for book in Nigeria. You’d understand after reading.

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Ten Days…a journey of hearts!

Please enjoy your read. It’s Ten Days, published by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.

The Veil…Discovered (1c)

His heart dropped as he saw the figure standing beside him. This is not the person I want to see. Bolade was disheartened.

“Hello Bolade.”

Bolade wished she would just leave. He didn’t even have the energy, after the disappointment, to say anything to her. He gave her a weak smile. Bolade saw a look on her face that baffled him. It was like she understood why his smile had just changed from an excited one to a weak one. Did she know what he was thinking?

“You miss her?” Funke said, without warning.

Bolade was taken aback but he couldn’t act like all was well. He was drained and maybe talking with this girl would help, so he decided to talk. “I do.”

Funke nodded. “I have seen you withdrawn and distracted for weeks. I had wanted to reach out for a while but didn’t know what to do or how to do. Today, I saw you look depressed again and decided to make the move.”


“Bolade, there are many people looking up to you whether you believe it or not. There are many students in this school who care deeply about you. We are not happy when you are not happy.”

Bolade was looking at her mouth as she was speaking. No one had ever said that to him before. It made him wonder if she was talking about people or talking about herself. Bolade didn’t have to think so long.

Funke’s faced became a little serious. “Bolade, I like you. I always have.”

Bolade winced. Not again!

…to be continued!

*Note: I know this continuation seems really “slow”…please bear with me. I’m still very busy with other responsibilities but trying to keep up with my promise of posting daily (except Sundays)…I hope to post something very LONG soon. The Veil continues on Monday. Thanks. Your comments are appreciated!

The Veil…Discovered (1a)

Ibadan. November 2000


“I love you!” Bolade mouthed.

Salewa smiled. Even though she was still some distance away, Bolade could see the smile. She was beautiful, as always. As she approached him, his heart beat faster and his joy soared. He had waited for this moment for many years. Salewa was going to be his bride in a few minutes.

Close enough for her to read his lips; he mouthed those three words again. Salewa tripped. Bolade was by her side in a heart’s beat. Trying to be sure she wasn’t hurt, he looked at her. It was then he saw it. He looked into her eyes. It was as real as his own hands that held her. She loved him eternally.

She smiled at him. “I love you too Bolade”, she mouthed in return.

Bolade heaved in relief. His bride wasn’t hurt. He helped her to her feet as the Chief Bride’s Maid helped straighten her gown.

Arm in arm, Bolade led her the remaining for steps to the altar. Raymond Somile was the pastor and he had the broadest smile in the world. Ray faced the groom and prepared to lead him in his vows.

“Please repeat after me”, he said to Bolade who simply nodded.

“I, Bolade…” the voice seemed to fade.

“Bolade!” the new voice sounded different. It was a woman’s. Bolade smiled and turned, expecting to see his bride only to look into a quizzical face.

“Oh, not you!”

Miss T Benson laughed. “You were definitely having a pleasant sleep. I walked into your room and saw you smiling. Your lips were even moving but I couldn’t hear what you were saying.”

“You spoilt my beautiful dream”, Bolade said, as he stirred and stretched.

“Dreamt of Salewa again?”

Bolade smiled sheepishly. He didn’t need to answer.

Tinu patted him on his arm as she sat on his bed. “You guys will reconnect someday.”

“I believe so. It just seems so weird. It’s been one whole month mum and I haven’t heard a single word from her. It’s very hard not to worry.”

“I understand. I suffered same with Raymond.”

Bolade nodded, a sad smile spreading across his face.

“Like mother like son ehn?”

“You said that not me”, Bolade said, matter of fact.

“Relax son”, Tinu said, reaching out to tickle her son.

Bolade shifted on the bed, giggling. “Oh mum! No tickling today.”

“Not until you promise me you will stop worrying”, she said, not relenting on her efforts to tickle him.

“Ok. I promise.”

Tinu Benson straightened up, a relieved smile on her face. Bolade couldn’t blame her. He had caused her so much anxiety in past one month. He hardly ate, and automatically had lost weight significantly. He hardly spoke with her either and he knew that was worse torture for his mum.

Remembering all he had put her through, he smiled at her. “Thanks for being there for me mum.”

“That’s my life’s job son.”

“I’m glad. I will make it up to you.” Bolade said, beaming.


“I’ll start eating well and I’ll make sure my grades pick up.”

Tinu Benson raised her eye brow and Bolade understood too well. He hadn’t mentioned to her that his scores had been low in the past four weeks.

Bolade made an apologetic face. “I know mum. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. My bad. But like I said, I will make it up to you.”

“You had better do. You know how much I pay to…”

“I know”, Bolade cut in. “You don’t have to say. Wait until the term is over to conclude if I am taking you for granted.”


Bolade smiled. His mother sounded like a teenager.

“Just get up and start your day.” Tinu Benson stood to leave.

“You’re not going anywhere mum.”

She turned to face him. “And why is that?”

“Because I need you to smile before you leave my room.”

Tinu frowned. “Have you given me a reason to smile?”

“Should I?” Bolade said and started cracking his knuckles as he made to stand.

Tinu giggled and hurried for the door.

Bolade laughed. His mother knew what was next. If she didn’t go, he would do the tickling this time and she knew he wouldn’t stop until she peed on herself. By the time he was on his feet, she was already out the door.

“I love you mum!” Bolade called after her.

“I love you too” he heard her say.

Bolade stretched again and made ready to use the bathroom. He didn’t understand why Salewa walked out of his life without a trace but he knew he couldn’t continue like this. He had mourned her absence for a whole month. He knew she wasn’t dead but he still wondered at the silence.

He decided he would trust God to take care of her. He had his WAEC to face and he had his mother to please. Salewa was in God’s hands. With that, Bolade wrapped his towel around his waist and braced up to face the day. Whatever the future had in store, he would be ready.


Raymond Somile made notes as he sat at his home office. He could not make too much sense of what he was writing. He was worried. Tinu had been a little distant in the past weeks. He understood she was worried about Bolade but he couldn’t shake off the fear that was gnawing at his heart.

Tinu’s life for almost two decades had revolved around her son. But she was going to be his wife soon. He feared she wouldn’t be able to leave and cleave as the scriptures prescribed for couples. The past weeks had only strengthened his fears.

Almost every time he had called her lately, she sounded tired. And whenever he asked what the matter was, her only response was, ‘I am worried about Bolade’.

Father, I want to be there for Tinu. I love her and her pain is my pain but I also exist. She needs to be concerned about me. This is hurting me Lord. Was I right in asking Tinu to marry me or was I jumping ahead of myself?

            Raymond placed his head in his hands and sighed. Just then his phone rang. He didn’t allow it ring a second time. He hoped it was Tinu. He had spoken with her in the morning but he was missing her already.


That word melted Raymond’s heart. He thought he would choke on the joy that filled his heart. But he sensed something was wrong. Her voice was subdued.

“Yes love! I have missed you. Is something wrong?”

“Raymond, I have something to tell you that I did not know until today. It is serious and could affect us”, Tinu said on the other end.

Raymond sank in his chair, receiver still by his ear. He shut his eyes tight and waited, nerves on edge.

…to be continued tomorrow

My first and last time with a prostitute!


I have a confession to make. Yes! I have been with a prostitute before. You might be disappointed in me but please just read on and you would understand why it happened.

The day I met her, I was surprised at how she was dressed. She later even told me that her dressing was ‘decent’…I could only imagine what her ‘indecent’ would then be.

This prostitute called me a few days prior and we scheduled an appointment at my office. (She knew about me through one of my books “Choices”, available for free download on “My fiction books” page). She came to see me and we spoke at length. She told me how she doesn’t know who her real parents her. She explained that a “madame” had taken her while we was a child (under 10 years) and had taken care of her, which means  giving her a roof over her head, clothes to wear, and food to eat.

In no time, still as a child, she became a prostitute, under ‘madame’ and started making good pay. By the time I was speaking to her, she was about nineteen years. She had been a prostitute more than half of her life.

She kept repeating the words, “I am trash”. “I know I am trash.”

Long story short, before she left my office, I introduced her to Jesus, the only One I know who can making something beautiful out of trash. She had been so hardened by her past, that though she was talking about very painful things, she didn’t even cry. Her eyes only got misty at some points. She must have learned how to subdue her emotions.

Source: Google Images

Today, she has a new life and is doing well. She’s still recovering and I believe her recovery  would be faster. Amen!

Can I please ask? What benefit do men have in sleeping with children? Why are people so cruel as to ruin the life of an innocent child because of their own selfish gain? This is simply WICKED!

That ‘call girl’ or ‘prostitute’ would NEVER sleep with anyone if she had a choice; that smile she gives you is a fake and practiced smile. She hates the life!

WHERE ARE THE GOOD PEOPLE who would love and give freely without asking anything in return! Millions of girls are being sold and used because we are just sitting and watching.

I don’t want this post to be too long so I have to make myself stop but let me say just one more thing. You might be saying, but I don’t service brothels! Happy for you but do you watch PORN?

Every time you click that link or open that site, demand for porn increases, and so does demand for the ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ called porn stars. Hence, the pimps would go to some remote village, promise the girls a better life and take them to a world of no return. They would be literarily ‘caged’, raped severally until they are emotionally dead, and then they begin to ‘service men’ and/or ‘shoot videos’.

Imagine if that sex slave was your sister or your daughter! Please, let us think away from ourselves. Save a life today!

And if you’ve had a past or present of being a call girl or prostitute, I know many such girls who are now living a beautiful life. Yours won’t be an exception. You are not too dirty. Jesus’ blood is still potent. He will wash you clean and make you whole. Your future WILL still be BEAUTIFUL.

I love you!

Dedicated to all young boys and girls sold to sex slavery and prostitution. Help is on its way!

Timi Adigun


My First Kiss!

Many thanks again to you for following my writings on this blog. This post is a continuation to my previous two posts on ‘You may kiss your bride’.

I’ve stated the reasons why I didn’t kiss my wife in public but now I want to let you know what I did behind closed doors. #smiles

I need to start by stating that I had been desperate to kiss her for years so I was in the mood the moment she became my bride. But being a very conservative man, I still didn’t want any public show not even at the reception.

So, guess where I stole my first kiss?
In the car!!! On our way to the reception.
Then many more followed in our own car as I drove to the hotel where we were to have our honeymoon. It was heavenly!


You know what? Throughout our honeymoon, we explored and learnt how to kiss better (and to do other things I won’t mention…lol). There were awkward moments but we felt no shame. We rather laughed at ourselves. I’ve been smiling and giggling as I write this. I’m sure my wife would laugh too when she reads.

So, for that person that has been lied to that for you to satisfy your man or woman in the future, you need to be experienced. That’s RUBBISH!!!


How many “spit/saliva swaps” do you need to become experienced enough. I’m sorry! I usually call kissing, spit swapping when I wanna discourage indiscriminate kissing.

It’s so sweet when you and your spouse grow together and nobody is feeling like the novice or professor, as the case may be.

That said, if you’ve done enough kissing in your life, it’s still fine. But try to keep it hence for your spouse alone and be patient enough to allow your spouse grow and learn too when he/she is now yours.

Thanks for reading. I have something special to share tomorrow. Please visit again.

I love you!
Timi Adigun

You may kiss your bride 2!


Thanks for the massive  response to my first post on this topic and thanks for the comments too. I would be glad if you share these posts with others. Please follow my blog too. Thanks.

Now, to my second reason for not kissing my wife after the presiding minister gave his blessing. Ready?


Now, this is so controversial and many of you would want to have my head after this but I guess I am entitled to my own opinion, right?

I personal feel kissing your spouse in front of hundreds or thousands of onlookers is rather inappropriate. Children might have to close their eyes, teens might start feeling things (don’t mind me…just expressing my thoughts). It becomes worse when the minister says “Go on! Go on!! Don’t stop!!!”…hmmm


I was at a meeting where couples were asked to kiss each other in the presence of many adolescents. The minister had a noble intention; to ignite some passion in marriages but I think he could have done that at an “Only Couples Dinner” or something.

A teenage girl beside me had to say, “Timi, I am very uncomfortable with this. Why are they doing this in our presence?” (paraphrased). I was much younger then.

I know I would get some counter arguments on this. I am open to them.


I love you! I’m sure you know that by now. Please keep visiting my blog; you’ll be glad you did.

And in between, I love my wife. Please stay faithful to your spouse!

Timi Adigun.

You may kiss your bride!

I smile every time I think or talk about this. I guess you’ll smile too when you are done reading!

After I had been joined to my wife at the altar on Saturday, June 25th 2011, the presiding minister said the expected. “You may kiss your bride.”

I looked up at him and objected with a smile. The minister was clearly embarrassed but managed to crack a joke (which I can’t remember) to ease the awkward moment, and the ceremony continued. Do you know why I objected?


The MAJOR reason (I might talk about the second reason some other day) was because I had NEVER kissed anyone in my 26 years of living! I was still a virgin. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it! Neither did my virgin wife. We couldn’t embarrass ourselves in public. #grinning #coveringmyface

I kept myself for my wife and she did same for me! Now, we kiss often and as passionately as we want (behind closed doors)…#smiles


It pays to wait. I waited. You too can. Even if you have been doing things (kissing, necking, petting, or even having sex), you can stop now and wait. Honour God, Honour your spouse, and Honour your own body!

I love you!

Timi Adigun