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The year is already fast moving. It is the ninth already. Before we realize it, January is over and there goes another 31days. What have you done with the year yet?

There are many things you would need to challenge yourself to do and/or achieve this year but please allow me to add just ONE. Please LEARN. Learn as many new things as you can but please make sure they are praise-worthy things. Or is your head full already?

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I doubt that!

Please learn new skills, learn new instruments if you can. Try a new language. Learn a new sports. Learn to drive. Learn a new dance. Learn a new business. Just learn. And to achieve that, you MUST READ.

Please get your brain and your mind working and active in 2016. You would be glad you did!

The difference between the rich and poor, the successful and failed, the ‘high’ and ‘low’ is majorly KNOWLEDGE (information). So, get going now!

And in case you are overwhelmed, wondering where to start, please say a short prayer of faith. God WILL lead you to the right information that will usher you into your greatness in 2016 (Proverbs 3:5-6). I believe in you!

I love you!

You will win!

I have always marveled at the unparalleled ecstasy and thrill we experience whenever we win. I was sitting close to a lady sometime recently; she was playing Candy Crush! You should have seen her joy every time she won. I couldn’t help smiling along, sharing in her joy. Winning is beautiful.

I desire you to win also in EVERY sphere of your life. There are SEVERAL key notes and nuggets when it comes to winning but for the sake of this post, I would mention just four (4).

I would use as a case-study a football match we played over the weekend. I doubled as coach and ‘super-sub’. It was a beautiful football match and we loved it all the way. By the way, we won 2-1.

To win, my first nugget to you is HAVE A PLAN!

Timi, the Coach

Draw up your winning strategy. No one just wakes up in the morning and wins. You need to map out a plan, direct a course and endeavor to stick to it.

Secondly, be up and doing. Start executing your plans. While not executing, rehearse/practice/experiment; that is, keep working on yourself to improve your chances and reduce your odds against your competition.

Timi warming up
John scoring the first goal

As a third nugget, I would ask that you please get like-minded people on your team. Get cheer leaders! In this world of many ‘Nay-Sayers’, get a committed team of supporters who would stand by you, advise you and constructively criticize you as the case may be. You will continuously need their cheers. And be faithful to your supporters (family, friends, co-workers, etc)!

Titilope, my No 1 fan!
My amazing children!
Some of our excited supporters; Juliana, Funmi, Courageous, Debbie, Grace, Princess, Loveth, Simi…and many more

Finally, my fourth nugget is: CELEBRATE your successes; even the little ones! Please, tap yourself on the shoulder every now and then and appreciate yourself (even if others don’t.) Never allow discouragement get the better of you at any time.

Timi celebrating the winning goal with the two scorers, John and Bethel (Bethel in purple scored the winner).

I believe in you and know you will win!

Shout out to Pastor Tobi Alli (Dr. Feel)  and his adorable wife for hosting us!!!

Pastor Tobi Alli
Pastor (Mrs) Alli
Our hosts!

I love you!

Timi Adigun

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My first and last time with a prostitute!


I have a confession to make. Yes! I have been with a prostitute before. You might be disappointed in me but please just read on and you would understand why it happened.

The day I met her, I was surprised at how she was dressed. She later even told me that her dressing was ‘decent’…I could only imagine what her ‘indecent’ would then be.

This prostitute called me a few days prior and we scheduled an appointment at my office. (She knew about me through one of my books “Choices”, available for free download on “My fiction books” page). She came to see me and we spoke at length. She told me how she doesn’t know who her real parents her. She explained that a “madame” had taken her while we was a child (under 10 years) and had taken care of her, which means  giving her a roof over her head, clothes to wear, and food to eat.

In no time, still as a child, she became a prostitute, under ‘madame’ and started making good pay. By the time I was speaking to her, she was about nineteen years. She had been a prostitute more than half of her life.

She kept repeating the words, “I am trash”. “I know I am trash.”

Long story short, before she left my office, I introduced her to Jesus, the only One I know who can making something beautiful out of trash. She had been so hardened by her past, that though she was talking about very painful things, she didn’t even cry. Her eyes only got misty at some points. She must have learned how to subdue her emotions.

Source: Google Images

Today, she has a new life and is doing well. She’s still recovering and I believe her recovery  would be faster. Amen!

Can I please ask? What benefit do men have in sleeping with children? Why are people so cruel as to ruin the life of an innocent child because of their own selfish gain? This is simply WICKED!

That ‘call girl’ or ‘prostitute’ would NEVER sleep with anyone if she had a choice; that smile she gives you is a fake and practiced smile. She hates the life!

WHERE ARE THE GOOD PEOPLE who would love and give freely without asking anything in return! Millions of girls are being sold and used because we are just sitting and watching.

I don’t want this post to be too long so I have to make myself stop but let me say just one more thing. You might be saying, but I don’t service brothels! Happy for you but do you watch PORN?

Every time you click that link or open that site, demand for porn increases, and so does demand for the ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ called porn stars. Hence, the pimps would go to some remote village, promise the girls a better life and take them to a world of no return. They would be literarily ‘caged’, raped severally until they are emotionally dead, and then they begin to ‘service men’ and/or ‘shoot videos’.

Imagine if that sex slave was your sister or your daughter! Please, let us think away from ourselves. Save a life today!

And if you’ve had a past or present of being a call girl or prostitute, I know many such girls who are now living a beautiful life. Yours won’t be an exception. You are not too dirty. Jesus’ blood is still potent. He will wash you clean and make you whole. Your future WILL still be BEAUTIFUL.

I love you!

Dedicated to all young boys and girls sold to sex slavery and prostitution. Help is on its way!

Timi Adigun


The Greatest Poison!


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You know what? I am presently bleeding, not physically though. Bleeding at heart! Do you know why? I see my society and yours slowly dying; our values being eroded so fast. Why, because of a silent poison we seem unaware of.

What’s the poison? Complacency!

Many of us do NOTHING about the ills we see. We say “what can I do?” or “it is already a norm”…excuses!

Evil prevails because good people do NOTHING about it! Can we rise today and at least, SAY SOMETHING! I am quite a controversial person with some of the things I advocate but at least I AM TALKING!!! One or two people will be inspired to change.

Do you have a change you want to effect and you want to speak out, please post it as a comment here, or better still, SPEAK UP on your social media platforms and tag me please; I want to agree publicly with you! One or two people (and that’s an understatement) might just agree with you and join you in your cause.

Let’s be the change we want to see!

I love you!

Timi Adigun


When last did you surprise yourself? I could talk about this in different ways but I want to focus on my friends who write.
Have you tried a different kind of writing or ventured into a new genre?
There’s somthing exciting about trying new things and you might just be surprised to discover that your readers and followers might love the new one better.
Take a leap today!
I believe in you!

FIVE years from NOW!!!

I remember where I was five years ago. I am THANKFUL to GOD that I have GREATLY increased in the past five years. Now, I look forward to the next five years and I can picture where I am going to be. Are you seeing yourself in five years from now? Yes? If not, you won’t have a yardstick to measure your achievements. You will be satisfied with whatever comes up. That’s something close to ‘MEDIOCRE’.

Please set a five-year plan for your life. Get an accountability partner or submit to a mentor if you have to. Strategize how you want to go about your goals and have your goals on your mind as often as you can. You will be AMAZED at the results you would produce in the next five years, God willing.

I look forward to celebrating your successes with you in the course of the next five years, and beyond.

I love you,

Timi Adigun.

Morning by Morning!

It is SO AMAZING that God loves us SO MUCH that he gives us a new morning every day! Do you know what it means for you? Another opportunity to DO IT RIGHT. Another chance to DO IT AGAIN.

Please stop living in your past. When are you going to stand up and ditch that pity party you’ve setup? Stand and fight again. Try again. You will succeed only if you keep working at it. God hasn’t given up on you, why should you give up on yourself?

I know it’s hard BUT TRY!!! That’s all I want to tell you. PLEASE TRY AGAIN! This time just might be different. I hope it is. But don’t quit until you fulfill your dreams. I believe in you.

I love you!

Timi Adigun

Fear That KILLS!

Fear has two sides to it. The fear that produces wisdom and the fear that makes you a weakling. I have a three year old son. I instill fear into him as regards hurtful things; fire, naked wires, sharp objects and the likes. I want him to grow up knowing there are some things that are harmful and he needs to steer clear; that’s fear that produces wisdom.

However, there’s crippling fear. If I was to shut my son down whenever he wants to try something new like drumming or drawing or dancing, then that’s terrible. I would be making him fear doing new things; making him doubt his abilities and that’s the worst fear ever.

Is there something good and noble you’ve always wanted to do since childhood but people ‘fear-talked’ you out of? It is NEVER too late to dare the odds and try it. You will never know until you try. Please step out today and do it. One good thing I have discovered about fear is; ONCE YOU CONQUER IT, IT REMAINS CONQUERED.

Note: One major thing that fuels fear is lack of knowledge or limited information. Do you want to try knowing more about that thing you want to do? You’d be amazed how interesting and fun you would find it to be!

I won’t mind a feedback from you when you’ve conquered that fear. I believe you will!

I love you,

Timi Adigun