Happy Birthday!

​THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been replying messages on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, and BBM for about five (5) hours now, trying VERY HARD to respond to EVERYBODY. 

But at this stage, I’m not sure I can catch up🙈🙈🙈

Thank you for all the love, prayers, songs, well wishes, gifts and more!

My own God, that I serve continually, BLESS YOU ALL in Jesus name, AMEN!

I bless you from my heart.

So, I apologize if I don’t get to reply your post or message or if I don’t pick your call. I AM SO SORRY. I really wanted to. But guess “we” are growing exponentially. GLORY TO JESUS!

Thank you dad and mum, Tunji and Sinmi Adigun for birthing me!

Thank you my love, Titilope Adigun for being the best.

Thank you friends and family. 


PS: The next, and only other, post I would upload today is so far my greatest gift from God today! Do you want to know what it is? 

Wait for it!!! 

Coming soon…

​She called Timi Adigun an Idiot!

Eeewoooo!!! See my life o!
Do you want to know what happened? This girl insulted me sha!

Pause a bit…how was your day? Hope it was a beautiful. Mine was splendid. I went out with my family and God surprised us. It was just amazing. We were FAVOURED. For you, trusting God for something, the God I serve continually will supercede your expectations in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Now, to my gist. Yesterday on my way to church, a beautiful lady messaged me (DM) on Instagram. By the way, if you are not following me on IG, I really need to know why…lol

This girl started with “you look good”. It’s not easy to be a handsome man na. My wife took eye to market… (I’m so feeling myself this evening). And we started chatting. As a love specialist and a counsellor, I am obligated to extend love to EVERYONE. 

We chatted on and off from IG to WhatsApp to Skype…And I knew already that she was a “hooker”. I should have just stopped there with her but I have never ceased to ask God to use me. I wanted to be a blessing to this Lekki babe. She just kept talking about being broke and hungry and I knew she wanted money.

This afternoon, I did well to give my wife a brief intro to what was happening as the events unfolded. This pretty lady agreed to meet me. I suggested the Circle Mall at fifth roundabout and offered to buy her food while we talked. She said she didn’t like the idea, asking that I meet her at a hotel. She told me how much a room costs. Interesting!

I insisted on meeting her at the Mall. When leaving, I told the Holy Spirit these words, “Please use me today for this girl. Use me even more than you’ve ever used me at Evening of Worship or any ministration “. I really wanted to bless her.

Long story short,  I met her at the Mall.  She acted like she was repulsed at my sight (spiritual things). I bought her food, paid and she walked out. We sat outside the eatery in the Mall for a while but she was uncomfortable with a simple conversation. All she wanted was money and I knew it. I had cashed money from the ATM before seeing her (I had told my wife I would give the girl money).

But looking at her, she seemed too self conscious like someone she knew would see her. I didn’t want to embarrass her by stretching forth the mint notes the ATM dispensed. I then told her I would transfer the money. She was okay with that and I walked her out, paid for her bike and she was off.

She sent me the account details and the next few minutes after, she just kept calling me. She explained how badly she needed the money. God, the Master Planner, was at work and for one reason or the other, we couldn’t transfer the money to her, so I got a divine inspiration. I invited her to my house to have dinner with my family.

I told her my wife and kids would love to meet her. I promised to increase the amount I had promised. I even took a picture of the folded wad of notes to prove I was serious. I hoped she would come and my God could love on her through my family.

That was when she showed me her real face o!!! The plenty words started flying until in summary she called me an Idiot and immediately blocked me on WhatsApp.  The moment that happened, I laughed and I said a prayer. I HAD DONE MY OWN PART;  I HAD TRIED. 

I forgot to tell you. When I collected the money from the ATM, I put it in my pocket and prayed over the money. I wanted her life to change the moment she received the free gift of love.

So, was I an Idiot?


I saw the looks on the faces of the eatery attendants, Circle Mall security and customers. I was wearing my “The Ark” shirt, with my wedding band so obvious, walking beside an obvious “sex worker”, her dressing and makeup gave her away easily. People must have been saying, “see this married man! Isn’t he a Christian?

It makes me understand a little what Jesus had to face when He ate and drank with “sinners”.

As I looked at her while at the Mall, and as I reflected afterwards, my heart went to ALL the girls that have been pushed into that lifestyle. 

Where are the Christians that claim to be like Christ? Whose fees are you paying? Whose house are supplying food stuff to?

When I got home, I lay on the bed and Esther walked in. I took her in my arms, hugged her, kissed her and told her I loved her. And my mind went to that girl again. She was once a child.  Maybe if someone had started a children’s club and loved her the God-kind of way! Maybe if the church she last visited was more concerned about her soul than the numbers! Maybe if her Christian neighbour would only smile at her and extend a hand of fellowship! 

Can we be Idiots again for the sake of the gospel? Can we love the unloveable like we have been called to? Can we risk public humiliation just to save a soul? 


Can we stop feeling good because we sow seeds in millions to our BIG CHURCHES and get a visit from the pastor when thousands can be saved and given another life with that amount of money?

It’s a call to LOVE!!!

If this resounded in your heart, please respond and start LOVING. Please also share this post on your social media pages via the buttons beneath. I would be posting again soon! Thanks for reading.

I love you!

Doctor Love 

The Love Series (Day 29): Love Comes From Him.

It feels like yesterday when we began The Love Series. We have gotten to the end now and I want to end with my ultimate love secret. Every professional chef has a secret ‘magic’ ingredient that makes all the difference. So does Doctor Love as regards my “love recipe”.

What’s it?


YOU CANNOT GIVE WHAT DON’T HAVE and YOU CANNOT HAVE WHAT YOU HAVEN’T RECEIVED. To give love, you have to receive love. Everybody who has met me can testify that I use my own prescriptions too. I live by love, talk in love and respond to things in love but I wasn’t always like that. I was a selfish, self-centered, proud young man until something happened that changed my life.

I met LOVE. I met Jesus. I received Him as Lord and Saviour and EVERYTHING changed for good. I mentioned many things in this series that I am sure you find rather abnormal or difficult or impossible. That’s where He comes in. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love infuses strength to everyone who has accepted Jesus’ free gift of salvation and forgiveness. He empowers us to live like God, who is Love. We are able to love people in ways that others deem impossible.


Do you want to have a satisfying love life? It comes by opening up your life and heart to God through His Son, Jesus and receive the help of the Holy Spirit. Many times we try and fail because we are human beings but it gets much easier with help from above.

God loves you inspite of your past and He will always love you. Just rest in His love and then you would be able to freely love yourself and others. If a holy God loves you despite your weaknesses, you have no excuse not to love yourself or others, whether deserving or not.

I would end with this quote by Joyce Meyer. “Nothing you do wrong will make God love you less and nothing you do right will make Him love you more.”
In other words, God’s love for you is not dependent on your performance. But when you accept His love, your ‘performance’ improves by default.

I love you dearly and I ask that you allow Love (God) make that necessary change in your life. It was a joy walking with you on this 29-day journey. Please keep in touch and keep visiting this blog. And while at it, please KEEP LIVING and KEEP LOVING.

I love you.
Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)

The Ark

Are you a teenager or a young adult residing in Lagos, and you’re still undecided as to where to settle down as regards church, why not pay The Ark a visit. We are now at Ojodu. Precisely, 11, Baale street, off Adebowale street, Ojodu, Lagos.
One experience will convince you. We are people of LOVE and we love the LORD. Service holds 8-11am.


And for the past three (3) years, we have served lunch at every service (not on special Sundays) and we’ll keep doing so, no matter our numerical size until Jesus returns. We feed you spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
NB: Please don’t come to The Ark if you don’t like meeting people. Because with us, there’s no hiding place. We are one big happy family.
The Ark, our resting place.
Timi Adigun,
Pastor @ The Ark (a church for teenagers, young adults and those called to minister to them.)

I support you!

Hello Timilehin….bless God for your ministry and I must say your parents are very proud of you.

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I am so in support of what you said regarding opening up your family as a christian model….to be honest it saddens my heart to see how a single family has so much negatice influence on the world not just teengaers and youths but the whole world and its NEGATIVE!

I put a big stamp of approval (not that I am God) but just showing I support you….may God keep your home and indeed make it a light in this generation…it will give a lot of young people hope for a happy christian home…


God bless.
Mrs. Peters, Lagos.

The Love Series (Day 1): Love Never Fails!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to you that you’ve decided to follow me in this life-changing series. Love has changed, and is still changing, my life. This is an attempt to share my life with you and share principles that I live by. I personally employ you to ensure you follow this series for the complete 29 days and please practice what you learn…and if you’re in any way inspired, please share with your loved ones and encourage them to follow my blog via email so the new posts land in their inbox by default.


Now to today’s Love Topic!

Have you ever lost a battle that you fought in love? Have you ever lost a loved one, that you truly loved, to another person? Has love become a taboo word in your heart and soul because of the occurrences of your past?

If the answer to any of the above stated questions is YES, then indulge me as I say that IT WASN’T LOVE! Please don’t stop reading now. When you lie on a doctor’s operating table and he cuts you up, it hurts, but you trust him enough to stay there until he finishes and sews you back up. Just take me as your love doctor and I want to fix the love “sickness” you have. I desire to see you smile from deep within again because you have embraced love in its fullness.

TRUE LOVE, the type you would be growing in knowledge of in these 29days on this blog, NEVER FAILS.
What does “NEVER FAILS” mean?


* It never grows old
* It never faces an obstacle it cannot overcome
* It wins over (captures/endears) EVERY SINGLE person it’s shown to.
* It never has a down side
* It is infallible
* It outlives death
* It transcends time and space

These seven (7) points are just the few I presently choose to mention. When you begin understanding and living out the love life, you’d experience these seven and many more yourself.

Please take this love series as an academic course. Take it personal. Be deliberate and intentional. It’s time for you to have that lasting love relationship you’ve always wanted. It’s high time your husband/wife came back home! It’s time for family (parent-children) reconciliation. It’s time to truly fall in love with the guy/lady of your dreams. It’s time for LOVE!


I would be stopping here now, to continue tomorrow. This is just an introduction. Please stick with me for this whole month of February 2016 and we’d be both glad you did. Don’t forget to follow this blog if you haven’t. Encourage loved ones to follow too and please share this post on the social media networks via the links below.

Your love life is about to be REVOLUTIONIZED!!!

Until we “see” again tomorrow. Keep living. Keep loving!
I love you!

Timi Adigun (Doctor Love)


The Christian’s secret!

The Palm Of Hadassah

I’m not exactly sure where my love for acronyms started but I’m loving it seriously because of the suspense that comes with it…

Ok…do you want to dare to try to break this acronym? Hmmm like I said with M.O.F., I’m sure this would have to be by divine revelation because only the Holy Spirit that inspired it can reveal it to you (no beefs, I’m not trying to be spiritual).

T.U.T-G.A.I means The Unbeatable Team- God And I! (anybody thinks he or she guessed right?). The Bible says in Phillipians 4:13(Amp)- I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me(I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me;.I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency)…

images (4) Google Image

Just thought to remind you that when God is all you have, you have all you need! With God on your side and you…

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A New Year… A New Season

This blessed me. I hope it blesses you too!

Diary of a Celibate Woman

Hey guys! Please forgive my hiatus. I’ve been in deep thought about some stuff. Have you ever wanted to do something, but just not sure what that something was? I’ve been feeling this for some time and I think I may have an idea. I want to be able to help people but not exactly sure how to get to where I need to with it so I thought, why not post here as I’ve been doing and maybe it will lead somewhere else.  My testimony is a nice beginning.

Another reason I live my lifestyle is because of an abortion. In 1996, I met a guy after the abusive one I described in my post “The Start of it All”. He was really sweet but I honestly wasn’t ready for him. I was not together mentally, physically, spiritually, nor emotionally so how could I enter into a relationship? Not…

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