Happy birthday to Doctor Love!

I will be thirty-two (32) on Wednesday, May 10th, by God’s grace!
I know social media connected to my sphere of influence would be inundated with appreciation, well wishes and prayers. I have already started reading some that bring tears to my eyes.
However, I ask a favour of you. I am a man with a mission and a strong passion backing it up.
Please don’t just wish me a happy birthday, please STAND WITH ME!
If I have ever blessed you, EVER, directly or indirectly, or you feel a stirring in your spirit, I ask that you please JOIN ME and let us bless more people. Stop following from afar.
If you won’t hold my hands up in your prayers, time, resources and more, I don’t need the ‘public show’ of love!
Let us love in words AND in deeds!
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I lose my sleep over this generation that is dying. I get restless over our eroding values! Would you join me?
When next year comes, let our celebration be BIGGER because we would have reached MILLIONS of lives with God’s love.
PS: Wednesday would also mark thirteen (13) years in ministry for me.
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I love you!
Timi Adigun
Photo credit: Dada Temitope Oluwadabest and Ernest!

Love don’t cost a thing!


I had an amazing time on Sunday at RCCG, Tower of David.

I hardly take Sunday morning invitations because I have to be The Ark but I made an exception four days ago and was I glad I did!!!

It was a beautiful time, with possibly my most responsive (non MINE or Ark) audience in a long time. If you are a youth, living in Yaba and environs, Tower of David is the church to attend.

Guess what? I spoke on “Love don’t cost a thing”…It was a talk show and I was accompanied by Juliana Olayode and Funmi Adewusi. 

There were MANY questions asked. My next post in a few hours would be a post where I answer some of those questions so you could understand how “deep” our convo on Sunday was.

If you’ve not hosted Doctor Love in your church, organization or school yet, I wonder what you’re waiting for! :D😅😆

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My resting place!

On Thursday, October 11th 2012, sometime around 6pm, I was driving back home for MINE Bible Study on our then bumpy street, when God told me words that brought tears out of my eyes. I felt like acting like I did not hear Him but I could not. I know when I hear God and that evening, I HEARD GOD. The tears stung my eyes. I was taken aback. He said to me, “Start ME a church for teenagers.”

Why did I tear up? Because I DID NOT EVER want to start a church. I had told people in my university days that I would NEVER start a church, saying “There are enough churches already” and I still think so. I always said, “Find a church that believes what you believe and join. You don’t have to start your own.” I was totally against the springing up of new churches everywhere; I felt it further divided the beautiful body of Christ! But here I was with an instruction I could not ignore.

The Ark’s 1st logo by Damilola Onafuwa

When I got home, I told my wife. Thank God for giving me the best wife in the world; TOTALLY SUPPORTIVE. We prayed together and trusted for God’s leading and direction. I told family, starting from parents (on both sides) and siblings. I also told my pastor, Pastor Noruwa Edokpolo.

I was skeptical to go to my pastor because I remember vividly that he called me someday and asked if I was ever going to start a church and I said an emphatic NO. Because as at then, I was sure it was a NO. I told him and he gave his permission.

Note, a couple of people were of the opinion that I should take months or few years to be sure BUT I am a “quick-to-obey soldier of the cross”. I knew what God had told me to do and I was going to do it IMMEDIATELY.

We (my wife and I) were going to obey God but we did not have ANY MONEY to do it. So, I told God I was not going to move a finger until He sent someone to give us a land or hall or cash. I told Him it was His show to provide since He was the one asking we begin a church. That was where I was in my mind until I attended another MINE Bible Study.

By the way, we hold bible studies every week day; we’ve been doing that for over four (4) years now. I went for bible study, and I allowed one of my daughters, Omowunmi Sodimu to take the study. As she was teaching about Abraham, I heard God speak to me and say, “Just like Abraham, I need you to obey ‘blindly’. Go and look for a place for the church” (paraphrased).

Our new logo by Temitope Dada (Oluwadabest)

So, after that Bible Study (thankfully I did not take the car that day), I began my “Abrahamic trek”. I walked for several minutes, checking different places until I got to an event center, Deborah Lawson Event Place at Omole, Lagos, Nigeria.

It was about 7pm but as God would have it, the Facility Manager was still in. Long story cut short, she drafted an agreement with us after my wife and I went back the following day for negotiations. I would leave out the amount they were charging for a quarter but it was HUGE. The money my family and the ministry had (combined) was not up to 1/20th of what was needed just for 3 months. But we believed God wanted us to have the place.

Cutting the story short again, 2 days to the expiry date of the agreement (time we were to have deposited), I got a call to see someone. God used the person to bless The Ark (name of the church) and start us up. Please note: WE DID NOT BEG ANYBODY OR SOLICIT FUNDS. GOD, BY HIMSELF, PROMPTED THIS PERSON. HALLELUYAH!!!

We paid for the quarter, bought equipments and were ready to go. We met at our house for the first service on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012, then moved to Deborah Lawson on Sunday January 6th, 2013. We’ve since moved thrice (3ce) and believe God the next move would be to “Our own resting place”.

Lives have been blessed in tremendous ways and God has been faithful. Why did I post this?

ark 2
Our new logo by Temitope Dada (Oluwadabest)
  1. To give glory to God for His faithfulness
  2. To let people who criticised us know that we were not acting in flesh but in Obedience to the Master of the Universe.

And most importantly, 3, to tell someone who is reading this, “IF GOD SAID IT, HE WILL BRING IT TO PASS!”

Please don’t be overwhelmed by a decision you feel God leading you to make. He doesn’t set up His children only to embarass them. No! He remains faithful to His word and promise.

TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH TODAY! Sow that seed! Change that location! Ask out that person! Quit that job! Take up that job! Visit that ‘offender’! Cancel that debt!

Whatever God is asking to do, please DO!

Thank you for taking the time to read. If it blessed you, you could write a comment. And if you have not followed this blog yet, please do.

I love you! Together, in obedience to God, we WILL WIN!

Timi Adigun.


Timi Wept!

You know I wept recently, as in really wept and my wife comforted me (you don’t need to know why I wept) lol!

Source: Google Images

Whether you’re weeping inwardly or outwardly now, please know that Jesus feels your pain! No matter how tough the situation is, talk to Him. Cast your burdens on Him and let Him walk the road with you. He loves you DESPERATELY and wants to help you. You’ll be stronger WHEN you allow Him hold your hand; that’s a promise!

I love you too!

Timi Adigun.

My Second Christmas gift to you!


I am so sorry I didn’t get to give you any other Christmas gift because I was so into preparing for THE SHIFT.

So, my gift to you is THE SHIFT audio message. Please download it from my Audio Links page and share with all friends and family after listening. You’ll be glad you did.


I love you!


Admission: My Epic Experience 2 !!


Continued from “Admission: My Epic Experience 1 !!”

I wrote the second jamb and I passed too but with a lesser score than the first one. Which school did I even choose then self? I think I chose FUTA. I traveled down to Akure, wrote the exam and all but the story didn’t change as I’m still waiting for the last list. During this period, I was staying with my Uncle somewhere around Ojodu because I had gotten a job around there and couldn’t afford going to my father’s house every day. I wrote the next UTME and failed with swag, lol. It’s not what you think, at least I scored 190 or something close to that and could still write Polytechnic Post UTME with that; Polytechnic was never my thing sha so I didn’t take that option and had to wait for another year. As at this time, most of…

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Admission: My Epic Experience 1 !!


Oluwadabest《Media Geek》+2347033649543(4)Oluwadabest

As I pen down my admission seeking experience, I remember the words of Steve Jobs in his speech at Stanford University. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect it looking backwards”.

My experience isn’t a funny one but it’s obviously an adventurous one full of ups and downs, tears and fun, creativity and laziness and of course, learning and unlearning stuffs. Okay! let me stop my appetizer and get to the main course.

It started few years back, I finished from one of the best public  Schools in Lagos State, Omole Senior Grammar School to be precise. I made most of my papers yeah, except one of the core subjects but luckily for me I didn’t write jamb that year so it was easy to pick up GCE form and thank God, I made all the necessary papers when the GCE result was released.


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YES! This is YOUR month!

Good morning friends and family! God told me December is the month of SHIFT. And a few minutes ago, about 09:00 01/12/2015, He started giving me some words for some people. I don’t know which is yours. But please receive in faith. HOLD ON FIRM IN CONFESSION OF FAITH and please remember to share your testimonies.

*Please note: Not all these are for you; might be ONE or MORE. God is addressing different people.

  • You will receive some strange instructions from God. Get confirmations and go ahead to act on them. They will yield great results.
  • You have been toiling and haven’t seen the dividends; they will begin to appear this month.
  • Things were particularly hard for you in November; December will be a smooth sail.
  • You visited the hospital more than you’ve ever done before in the past couple of months; your visits are over.
  • Day has been seeming like night to you. I’m about brightening your life.
  • You were rejected five times. Go once more!
  • Someone has been harassing you in your sleep saying “Your time is up!”. You still have many more years on earth, God says.
  • Prayer will be your key throughout 2016.
  • You’ve entered a season of repossession; things you lost are coming back.
  • The pain of your past will produce the glory of your future.
  • Dance for the season of never ceasing joy is here!
  • Faithful is HE who has called you, who will enable you.
  • I did not call you to put you to shame.
  • Mardock has failed (guess this is for an individual)
  • I’m brightening your eyes; no more sorrow and tears.
  • Trade your heart’s desires for Mine, says the Lord, and you’ll get much more.
  • Be patient with her; she’ll change.
  • I didn’t tell you to go into that relationship and you know it.
  • If you stay with him, you’ll still have five (5) more abortions.
  • Lighten up that load you’ve placed on your employees.
  • Yesterday was good. Your tomorrow will be much better.
  • Don’t play God. Let me be God and you, a man!
  • You’ve been despised for so long. You are about to bloom!
  • The cloud that had blocked your shining has just given way.
  • Never again will anybody have an object of reproach to throw at you.
  • Stay true to the cause; you’ll come out on the other side successfully and unharmed.
  • You will smile at last!

That’s all I heard. I look forward to rejoicing with you. Please share this. Some of these words may be for a neighbor or loved one!

God bless us all. December will be SWEET! I’m expectant! Glory to Jesus.

Thank You!

Praise report on audio messages and books:

Just wanted to take out time to thank you, Timi Adigun, for all the ways you’ve blessed my life through your literary works and the messages you’ve preached.

You’ve helped me be a better Christian and desire God more. Each time I read any of your books, not only do I learn something new or get reminded of something, my spirit is also stirred to seek God more and to reach out to other young people around me. Thank you very much sir for making a difference in my life.

C.Q. Ghana