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​Made a way

Don’t know how but You did it

Made a way

Standing here not knowing how we’ll get through this test

But holding onto faith You know best

Nothing can catch You by surprise

You’ve got this figured out and You’re watching us now

But when it looks as if we can’t win

You wrap us in Your arm and step in

And everything we need You supply

You got this in control

And now we know that
You made a way

When our backs were against the wall

And it looked as if it was over

You made a way

And we’re standing here

Only because You made a way

You made a way

Now we’re here

Looking back on where we come from

Because of You and nothing we’ve done

To deserve the love and mercy You’ve shown

But Your grace was strong enough to pick us up
And You made a way

When our backs were against the wall

And it looked as if it was over

You made a way

And we’re standing here

Only because You made a way 
You move mountains

You cause walls to fall

With Your power

You perform miracles

There is nothing that’s impossible

And we’re standing here

Only because You made a way
Don’t know how but You did it

Made a way

Love don’t cost a thing!


I had an amazing time on Sunday at RCCG, Tower of David.

I hardly take Sunday morning invitations because I have to be The Ark but I made an exception four days ago and was I glad I did!!!

It was a beautiful time, with possibly my most responsive (non MINE or Ark) audience in a long time. If you are a youth, living in Yaba and environs, Tower of David is the church to attend.

Guess what? I spoke on “Love don’t cost a thing”…It was a talk show and I was accompanied by Juliana Olayode and Funmi Adewusi. 

There were MANY questions asked. My next post in a few hours would be a post where I answer some of those questions so you could understand how “deep” our convo on Sunday was.

If you’ve not hosted Doctor Love in your church, organization or school yet, I wonder what you’re waiting for! :D😅😆

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​Celebrating five years of LOVE!

I guess I’m a very emotional person and today brings back many memories that I would love to share, memories I am proud of. Please ensure you read all the way until you see my sign out:)
Today, Monday October 17th, 2016 makes it exactly five (5) years MINE Bible Study started. We started Monday, October 17th, 2011 at Yeshua High School. YHS has been a tremendous blessing to MINE TM. God bless YHS. And God bless the proprietress, my mother, Mrs. Sinmisola Adigun. I love you, mum. 😚

We started with about about ten  (10) people on that Monday evening and we have grown since then. Many of the State Coordinators we have, in Abeokuta, Ado-Ekiti, Akungba, Lagos, Ogbomoso, Jos, Benin, US, Ghana, and more were tutored in the Word at MINE Bible Study. God has RAISED giants in the Kingdom in the past five years. Halleluyah!

I remember telling my wife, four months into our marriage that we were going to start Bible Study, and my ever supportive wife said it was fine with her. I explained the vision to her and she caught the fire. She missed the initial days because of her schedule at work but she caught up on the gist. By the way, God used the book, “In the footsteps of a prophet”, by Jerry Savelle to start me on this journey. And here we are today.

Amazing testimonies have been shared over the years on the power of and in the Word of God. Many teenagers, young adults (some married now) have been literally TRANSFORMED by their time in BS. It has become a ‘seminary’ for some and a “family” to ALL.

Thousands have passed through MINE Bible Study across the world and are doing exploits in career, business, family and ministry. All praise to God! 

Do you know Toyo Baby is a product of MINE BS! God is raising Kingdom Giants!!!

The interesting thing about MINE BS is the love we enjoy. There were many times, that at the end of BS, envelopes were shared with cash in, ranging from N1k per person and above. Everybody present on those numerous occasions went home with money that would have made their families laugh and rejoice. EVERYONE! 

The sad truth is, no matter what you do, people would still criticise you. So, stop trying to please everyone. Do what you know is right before God and man!

One of the attendees told me that after she took her envelope (seed sown by ministry) home that her mother said it was “jazz”. We were using the money we gave out for diabolic things. Can you imagine that! Can’t people actually do things in this world for FREE without any ulterior motives? We just wanted to put smiles on faces o!!!

Back to the gist…and for the past five years, we have cooked and served food EVERY FRIDAY (our fasting day) to break our fast. By the way, BS was EVERY week day. We just excluded Wednesdays this year when Evening of Worship began. So, we cook Jollof Rice and meat every week. The welfare team freestyles and makes beans sometimes to the delight of the guys… lol But everybody goes home fed.

When The Ark started in 2012, we decided every Sunday would be feeding day too. So, we feed every Sunday at The Ark. So, that’s cooking and feeding twice a week. I’ve been challenged by some people on this but I ask myself, What Would Jesus Do?

I KNOW, I’m not guessing or postulating, I KNOW that many families go back home after Sunday services in their churches to an empty house and no food, after probably giving their last kobo as offering! Why am I so sure of this? I and my wife have been there. No food at home, yet giving our best in church. What if we were guaranteed a good meal and a free ride by a “wealthy couple” in church.

And in that same congregation, where members are hungry, are people with billions in their accounts who are recognised in church because of their big tithe. The world may honour the wealthy and give special places to them but that shouldn’t be so in the church of Jesus na!!!

So, we decided that every body who comes on Friday and Sunday would be GUARANTEED a good and healthy meal. This was not a publicity stunt but from hearts that understood pain.

The early church wasn’t building edifices at the expense of the Word and Lives. NO!!! Many church buildings in some countries have been sold to clubs and gambling houses after bankruptcy. What if they had invested more in lives. What if???

We, in MINE TM, follow the early church’s foundation of being given to “The Word and Prayer” and “No one had need”.

We study the word, we fast, we pray, we feed, we love on each other. We don’t compete with each other or brag about our latest acquisitions. That’s not the church Jesus died for! That’s a “show house”.

All we do in BS, is just one part o, World Virginity Day is there, same as MINE Magazine, MINE Forums across Nigeria , MINE Charity Outreach, BALL, The MEET, and more! 

I hope you don’t see this as bragging but if you do, I can’t help that. We have been called to LOVE. Let’s look away from ourselves. You’re so concerned about your children  alone. Why not also help other children and allow God honour your sacrifices by taking care of your children in ways you can never do as a human. Can you stop your child from being sick or having an accident or getting addicted? But God can! Sow seeds into the lives of others! 

Today, as MINE BS celebrates five years of the Word and of Love, I ask that you please pray for us as God keeps using us to raise a new generation.

If you’re reading this and you’ve ever attended BS, please do me two favours:

1. Please share this post (buttons beneath the post)

2. Please post a comment beneath on how God has blessed you through BS. All the glory goes to Him.

If you’re reading and have never attended, you could join us any day you’re free, weekdays (except Wednesdays) at 4pm. Presently at 11, Baale street, off Adebowale street, Ojodu, Lagos. You could also join us for Evening of Worship on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Finally, I ask as we celebrate five (5) years of impacting lives, spiritually emotionally and physically, that you please give your best gift, sow your best seed to support this ministry.

Account details:

GTBANK. Mine Teenage Ministry. 0106771340

If you want to keep in touch with MINE TM, please follow us on social media.

Facebook: Mine Teenage Ministry

Twitter and Instagram: @mineministry

For general enquiries,  please call the National Coordinator, my love 😍😙, her name is Titi, on 08024341167. 

Please don’t just sit back and watch us from afar (like many people say and do). Let us know you’re there. Please stand with us, uphold us, give, pray, and partner with this Kingdom work.

And in your personal pursuits, no matter how seemingly difficult your dreams and visions are, please stick with them. You will achieve them!

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to check other posts on my blog. They are for you. Like the post on the girl that called me an Idiot. To read that, please click here.

I love you! 

Doctor Love. 

​She called Timi Adigun an Idiot!

Eeewoooo!!! See my life o!
Do you want to know what happened? This girl insulted me sha!

Pause a bit…how was your day? Hope it was a beautiful. Mine was splendid. I went out with my family and God surprised us. It was just amazing. We were FAVOURED. For you, trusting God for something, the God I serve continually will supercede your expectations in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Now, to my gist. Yesterday on my way to church, a beautiful lady messaged me (DM) on Instagram. By the way, if you are not following me on IG, I really need to know why…lol

This girl started with “you look good”. It’s not easy to be a handsome man na. My wife took eye to market… (I’m so feeling myself this evening). And we started chatting. As a love specialist and a counsellor, I am obligated to extend love to EVERYONE. 

We chatted on and off from IG to WhatsApp to Skype…And I knew already that she was a “hooker”. I should have just stopped there with her but I have never ceased to ask God to use me. I wanted to be a blessing to this Lekki babe. She just kept talking about being broke and hungry and I knew she wanted money.

This afternoon, I did well to give my wife a brief intro to what was happening as the events unfolded. This pretty lady agreed to meet me. I suggested the Circle Mall at fifth roundabout and offered to buy her food while we talked. She said she didn’t like the idea, asking that I meet her at a hotel. She told me how much a room costs. Interesting!

I insisted on meeting her at the Mall. When leaving, I told the Holy Spirit these words, “Please use me today for this girl. Use me even more than you’ve ever used me at Evening of Worship or any ministration “. I really wanted to bless her.

Long story short,  I met her at the Mall.  She acted like she was repulsed at my sight (spiritual things). I bought her food, paid and she walked out. We sat outside the eatery in the Mall for a while but she was uncomfortable with a simple conversation. All she wanted was money and I knew it. I had cashed money from the ATM before seeing her (I had told my wife I would give the girl money).

But looking at her, she seemed too self conscious like someone she knew would see her. I didn’t want to embarrass her by stretching forth the mint notes the ATM dispensed. I then told her I would transfer the money. She was okay with that and I walked her out, paid for her bike and she was off.

She sent me the account details and the next few minutes after, she just kept calling me. She explained how badly she needed the money. God, the Master Planner, was at work and for one reason or the other, we couldn’t transfer the money to her, so I got a divine inspiration. I invited her to my house to have dinner with my family.

I told her my wife and kids would love to meet her. I promised to increase the amount I had promised. I even took a picture of the folded wad of notes to prove I was serious. I hoped she would come and my God could love on her through my family.

That was when she showed me her real face o!!! The plenty words started flying until in summary she called me an Idiot and immediately blocked me on WhatsApp.  The moment that happened, I laughed and I said a prayer. I HAD DONE MY OWN PART;  I HAD TRIED. 

I forgot to tell you. When I collected the money from the ATM, I put it in my pocket and prayed over the money. I wanted her life to change the moment she received the free gift of love.

So, was I an Idiot?


I saw the looks on the faces of the eatery attendants, Circle Mall security and customers. I was wearing my “The Ark” shirt, with my wedding band so obvious, walking beside an obvious “sex worker”, her dressing and makeup gave her away easily. People must have been saying, “see this married man! Isn’t he a Christian?

It makes me understand a little what Jesus had to face when He ate and drank with “sinners”.

As I looked at her while at the Mall, and as I reflected afterwards, my heart went to ALL the girls that have been pushed into that lifestyle. 

Where are the Christians that claim to be like Christ? Whose fees are you paying? Whose house are supplying food stuff to?

When I got home, I lay on the bed and Esther walked in. I took her in my arms, hugged her, kissed her and told her I loved her. And my mind went to that girl again. She was once a child.  Maybe if someone had started a children’s club and loved her the God-kind of way! Maybe if the church she last visited was more concerned about her soul than the numbers! Maybe if her Christian neighbour would only smile at her and extend a hand of fellowship! 

Can we be Idiots again for the sake of the gospel? Can we love the unloveable like we have been called to? Can we risk public humiliation just to save a soul? 


Can we stop feeling good because we sow seeds in millions to our BIG CHURCHES and get a visit from the pastor when thousands can be saved and given another life with that amount of money?

It’s a call to LOVE!!!

If this resounded in your heart, please respond and start LOVING. Please also share this post on your social media pages via the buttons beneath. I would be posting again soon! Thanks for reading.

I love you!

Doctor Love 

​Lekki Market Demolished! For the Greater Good???

Happy Sunday and I really hope your day was as beautiful as mine. Church was amazing and I had The Tanners visiting my family. Was beautiful. But in between all these, something horrible happened. 

Allow me gist you a little before  I go to the “horrible thing”. I was leaving my house (rented) at Lekki at about 6:30 am.  Our car is “under the weather”, so I ordered the ever reliable Uber. It was raining and I knew our street would be flooded, so I decided to meet the cab at the major road. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. I had expected to walk on the sidewalk but there was no sidewalk. Everywhere was submerged in water.

I pulled off my shoes and socks, pulled up my trousers and starting wading through the water. All sorts of things tried to cling to my leg; things I chose not to focus on because I didn’t want to imagine what they could be. By the time I entered the cab, even though I had an umbrella, I was thoroughly wet. But I was comforted that I was going to the house of God. “I was glad when they said to me…” hope you can complete that scripture!

Hope you enjoyed my gist. Now…

Coming back,  I saw THE DEMOLITION going on at Lekki Market (Jakande). Let me confess, my carnal man was happy as I envisaged the government reconstructing that area and giving the turning to my house a Beautiful look. The Economist side of me saw MONEY. The government had just given itself another means of revenue when they lease out the massive span of land to investors (businesses/organzaitions) but…

The LOVE side of me quickly took over and I suddenly became burdened. I looked around me and I saw many human beings looking CONFUSED. Thousands of lives had their livelihood tied to that market up until few hours ago. That market paid school fees, paid hospital bills, paid bride prices…gave daily hope to many. What next for those folks? 

Aren’t we becoming a “Pharisee” generation again that wants the “poor” kept far away from the “rich”. Even in church, special seats are reserved for the “rich”. We forget life is about “Time and Chance”. We could have been born into those “poor” families. 

Are you so comfortable in your car, house, office, school that you don’t have a heart for those who don’t have anything close to what you have?

Do you take pleasure in increasing your wealth at the expense of others who don’t even have anything? Remember the story Nathan told David?  God was upset with David more for oppressing the “poor Uriah” than about the adultery itself. The proof is in the story the prophet told.

How many cars do you have? How many clothes do you have? How many phones do you have? Yet, you’re increasing the prices of your goods and/or services so the “poor” can enrich you more. That’s sad!!!

Even if you’re an employee, are you comfortable?  Yes?  Great! Don’t step on another person to get a pay increase. Rather, look for people that you can help with what you have.

To all my brothers and sisters earning a lot,  please build lives not just houses. Buy the dreams of people and deliver it to them than buying more gadgets. 

It’s okay to enjoy the fruit of your labour but please don’t be excessive. Do you have something valuable locked up (unused), give it out! As you pay for your child’s fees, please find at least one indigent child to sponsor. 

Be the change you want to see.

It’s called LOVE. 

Was that demolition today for the greater good? We’d have to wait and see! But for you,  please BE A BLESSING to someone TODAY!

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I love you!

Doctor Love 

Can You Make Him Smile?

Please share!
On Sundays, we would all go to church, hoping to impress our fellow worshippers with our new cars, outfits or colognes. Flashing expensive accessories in the air as we “worship”. Yes, God wants us prosperous but NOT TO ENRICH OURSELVES but to BETTER THE LIVES OF THOSE AROUND US.
After service, we would drive our families to an eatery and spend a lot but do we ever pause to ask how many co-worshippers have food to eat when they return home? How many would have to trek home because they just gave their last naira in the offering basket?
This is a call to LOVE!!!


I am Timi Adigun, and my eyes water as I type this.
Jesus DIED for us! And He said we should walk in His steps. What sacrifices are you making for others. You’re planning on buying a fifth (5th) car when someone is asking God for a “third-hand” car to transport his family of six to church.
All the “Jesus lovers”, it’s time to ACT!!!
Sow a sacrificial seed into another’s life and watch JESUS SMILE! And then, MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE.

#love #lovespeaks #Jesuslovers #doctorlove

Put on your dancing shoes please!

Another MINE TM forum is here.
Who Can Dance? Season 3.
If you’ve been at a MINE Forum before, I don’t have to say much. If you haven’t, please come and experience it.
Lots of God, lots of fun and dancing and LUNCH follows.

Date: Saturday, March 12th, 2016.
Time: 10am to 3pm.
Venue: The Ark. 11, Baale street, off Adebowale street, Ojodu, Lagos.

Registration is free but compulsory. Either do the phone registration (details on flier) or click here for online registration.

See you next Saturday. Much love!

The Ark

Are you a teenager or a young adult residing in Lagos, and you’re still undecided as to where to settle down as regards church, why not pay The Ark a visit. We are now at Ojodu. Precisely, 11, Baale street, off Adebowale street, Ojodu, Lagos.
One experience will convince you. We are people of LOVE and we love the LORD. Service holds 8-11am.


And for the past three (3) years, we have served lunch at every service (not on special Sundays) and we’ll keep doing so, no matter our numerical size until Jesus returns. We feed you spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
NB: Please don’t come to The Ark if you don’t like meeting people. Because with us, there’s no hiding place. We are one big happy family.
The Ark, our resting place.
Timi Adigun,
Pastor @ The Ark (a church for teenagers, young adults and those called to minister to them.)

My resting place!

On Thursday, October 11th 2012, sometime around 6pm, I was driving back home for MINE Bible Study on our then bumpy street, when God told me words that brought tears out of my eyes. I felt like acting like I did not hear Him but I could not. I know when I hear God and that evening, I HEARD GOD. The tears stung my eyes. I was taken aback. He said to me, “Start ME a church for teenagers.”

Why did I tear up? Because I DID NOT EVER want to start a church. I had told people in my university days that I would NEVER start a church, saying “There are enough churches already” and I still think so. I always said, “Find a church that believes what you believe and join. You don’t have to start your own.” I was totally against the springing up of new churches everywhere; I felt it further divided the beautiful body of Christ! But here I was with an instruction I could not ignore.

The Ark’s 1st logo by Damilola Onafuwa

When I got home, I told my wife. Thank God for giving me the best wife in the world; TOTALLY SUPPORTIVE. We prayed together and trusted for God’s leading and direction. I told family, starting from parents (on both sides) and siblings. I also told my pastor, Pastor Noruwa Edokpolo.

I was skeptical to go to my pastor because I remember vividly that he called me someday and asked if I was ever going to start a church and I said an emphatic NO. Because as at then, I was sure it was a NO. I told him and he gave his permission.

Note, a couple of people were of the opinion that I should take months or few years to be sure BUT I am a “quick-to-obey soldier of the cross”. I knew what God had told me to do and I was going to do it IMMEDIATELY.

We (my wife and I) were going to obey God but we did not have ANY MONEY to do it. So, I told God I was not going to move a finger until He sent someone to give us a land or hall or cash. I told Him it was His show to provide since He was the one asking we begin a church. That was where I was in my mind until I attended another MINE Bible Study.

By the way, we hold bible studies every week day; we’ve been doing that for over four (4) years now. I went for bible study, and I allowed one of my daughters, Omowunmi Sodimu to take the study. As she was teaching about Abraham, I heard God speak to me and say, “Just like Abraham, I need you to obey ‘blindly’. Go and look for a place for the church” (paraphrased).

Our new logo by Temitope Dada (Oluwadabest)

So, after that Bible Study (thankfully I did not take the car that day), I began my “Abrahamic trek”. I walked for several minutes, checking different places until I got to an event center, Deborah Lawson Event Place at Omole, Lagos, Nigeria.

It was about 7pm but as God would have it, the Facility Manager was still in. Long story cut short, she drafted an agreement with us after my wife and I went back the following day for negotiations. I would leave out the amount they were charging for a quarter but it was HUGE. The money my family and the ministry had (combined) was not up to 1/20th of what was needed just for 3 months. But we believed God wanted us to have the place.

Cutting the story short again, 2 days to the expiry date of the agreement (time we were to have deposited), I got a call to see someone. God used the person to bless The Ark (name of the church) and start us up. Please note: WE DID NOT BEG ANYBODY OR SOLICIT FUNDS. GOD, BY HIMSELF, PROMPTED THIS PERSON. HALLELUYAH!!!

We paid for the quarter, bought equipments and were ready to go. We met at our house for the first service on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012, then moved to Deborah Lawson on Sunday January 6th, 2013. We’ve since moved thrice (3ce) and believe God the next move would be to “Our own resting place”.

Lives have been blessed in tremendous ways and God has been faithful. Why did I post this?

ark 2
Our new logo by Temitope Dada (Oluwadabest)
  1. To give glory to God for His faithfulness
  2. To let people who criticised us know that we were not acting in flesh but in Obedience to the Master of the Universe.

And most importantly, 3, to tell someone who is reading this, “IF GOD SAID IT, HE WILL BRING IT TO PASS!”

Please don’t be overwhelmed by a decision you feel God leading you to make. He doesn’t set up His children only to embarass them. No! He remains faithful to His word and promise.

TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH TODAY! Sow that seed! Change that location! Ask out that person! Quit that job! Take up that job! Visit that ‘offender’! Cancel that debt!

Whatever God is asking to do, please DO!

Thank you for taking the time to read. If it blessed you, you could write a comment. And if you have not followed this blog yet, please do.

I love you! Together, in obedience to God, we WILL WIN!

Timi Adigun.