My Dad Made A Mistake!

I was APPALLED when watching a reality TV show recently. A single lady in her early thirties was talking with her girlfriends and in the conversation said, “I thought by now I would have been married or had a few divorces already”…and they all laughed.

Let me explain the mistake my dad made before I make my comment on the above. My dad and mum celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, July 24th. Coincidentally, my dad had to travel out of the country the same day.

When he arrived his destination, he mistakenly sent a message meant for my mum to our family WhatsApp group. And as we (their children) saw it, our “awwww” and love struck smileys flowed. He didn’t mean for us to see it but we did. My dad is still in love with his wife of 36years!!!

I grew up with both of them, so I know it is not a perfect marriage (no marriage is) but it is beautiful because they have put God at the center and they have committed to making it work.

Back to my TV series! It is appalling and disheartening the way divorce is painted in the media. It makes young folks actually want to have a ‘badge of divorce’ before 35 or whatever age they fantasize.

Dear reader, marriage is BEAUTIFUL. It requires a lot of love, communication, understanding, forgiveness, patience, healthy compromise, prayers, commitment and more.

Do not get into it because you HAVE TO but because you WANT TO. And always put God at the center of it as you strive to love your spouse and be a better you in the process.

I pray for every marriage or relationship, God will restore love, sweetness, joy, satisfaction and everything else you need in it for it to be beautiful in Jesus name, AMEN.

Much love,

Happy World Virginity Day!!!


“Father, we thank You for this revolution of sexual purity. We are grateful for the hearts of young men and women that You are turning back to You. We rejoice because immorality loses its hold on this generation.
We are excited for the strength You’re giving virgins to hold on and be proud to be, honouring You with their bodies. We thank You for Your love engulfing those of us who have made mistakes, restoring us to peace, joy and a life free of guilt.
Jesus, we thank You for Your sacrifice that has redeemed us all back to God and we can all boldly declare that we are #unashamed
We are forgiven, we are empowered, we are focused, and we are change agents.
Holy Spirit, we rest in Your power in us to keep us from falling and to help us lift others who fall. We trust You to make everyone see the love of Christ and see beyond their struggles.
Thank You for this successful 8th edition of WVD.



WE HAVE A DREAM!!! @mineministry πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

I woke up to a young woman’s chat this morning and it broke my heart.
Man after man leaving her because she says she won’t have sex. When did sex become love? Married folks reading this, has sex kept your home?
Why this insane pressure from social media and media at large to make our young people ‘bed’ themselves in the disguise of love.
When a guy says he needs sex to keep the relationship, it is called LUST not LOVE. Your giving in won’t stop him from sleeping with the next person.
A man that can’t control himself around you won’t control himself around the next skirt he sees.
In case you don’t know, his desire is not for you (as a person) but for your body (those things you have protruding that arouse him)…and guess what, every other lady has same (in different shapes and sizes too). Why do you think he won’t try out the other ‘flavours’?
You are more than your body. Don’t sell yourself cheap. Your man should value you for who you are. He should nurture your heart. He should cherish your company.
Why is the divorce rate skyrocketing? False foundations in relationships.
This is a cry from my heart
Choose love!!!
And guess why those standing feel overwhelmed? They do because others who believe in this are KEEPING QUIET!
Evil prevails not because people do bad but because GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING!
Dear sir/ma, you are not abnormal for choosing to honour God, yourself and your future spouse. God will bring you a man/woman that would share in your convictions.
It was someday nudity and promiscuity became the norm. It will be someday too (soon) that love, sacrifice, patience, purity and selflessness would become the norm.
We remain #Unashamed


I ask myself this when I see throwback pictures. This was 15 years ago πŸ™ˆ
And guess what? I had ladies crushing on me and vying for my attention…lol 😎

I think the chemistry in those days was sweeter because then we didn’t have superficial connections over social media, giving us ‘virtual’ friends.
We TALKED, we KNEW people, we COMMUNICATED. We WROTE letters in our own HANDWRITINGS. Connections were REAL…
That is talk for another day. I have a #beeftofry this morning.

When did we become like this? In my days πŸ˜‹, when a guy loved a lady and believed she was God’s will for him and he had marriage in view, HE ASKED HER OUT! He was man enough to declare with precision and confidence his desire. He was secure enough to get a YES or NO!!!

What do we have now?
We have guys who will ask a lady, “if I was to ask you out, what would you say?”
What is that? STOP IT! In the wooing stage, the lady is not to be on the hot seat, we (guys) are! We are the ones that should stand the chance of being accepted or refused, not the lady. We woo, pursue, chase…
Guys now want the lady to “show signs” that she is interested or seem desperate, then they enter as “knights in shining armour”. Haba!!!
Until my dying breath, I would forever feel blessed and privileged that Titilope said yes to me. I wooed her, I was serious. I didn’t back down. I made her know it was her I wanted. I was secure enough to stick it through and I got my queen, PRAISE JESUS!!! 😎
Sir, if you believe she is the one, you have God’s approval, you love her and want to marry her, then DO YOUR WORK! Ask her. Make her feel as special as she deserves to feel.
She might have a lot on her mind, so give her time but be intentional about seeking her. When a virtuous woman gives you her YES, she will be true to you. So, don’t feel you’re belittling yourself by seeking her out.
And if she says NO, be man enough to accept it without a grudge. If you are mad at her for saying NO and cannot be her friend, then you never really loved her.
Guys, let’s make our women proud! πŸ˜ŽπŸ€—
Ladies, I have #beeftofry with you but not today.


This will be another long read but again, I’m sure it would be worth your time.

In the picture to the right is my Esther doing the filling-bottle thingy. Seems I’m getting inspiration from Ewaife lately.

Now, I’m sure many of us have seen the video that went viral of a young boy that ran his relay quarter race backwards. Then, shortly after a video went viral and people said “see his sister”. It was a girl who filled her bottle in a competition and went back to empty it into the bucket.

I was amused at first until the Holy Spirit convicted me.
That girl is someone’s daughter. That boy means the world to some people.
Can you imagine my shock, embarrassment and bitterness if it was my Esther that made such a mistake and the whole world was sharing it and laughing at her, calling her names???

Some jokes we make are at other people’s expense. We laugh but we are killing others in the process.
Many comedians now make jokes on people’s accents, disabilities, mistakes and we laugh silly at the jokes. Would we be so amused if the jokes touched us or someone close to us?

Do you know people have parents they love so much that have ‘Ibadan’ accent?
Do you know there are people who didn’t choose to have polio that disfigured their legs?
Do you know parents didn’t choose to have that child with a birth defect?
And we sit and watch such and go the extra mile to share.
I have been guilty of this but I have decided never to be a part of this again.

Most recent is the “Karius of Liverpool” saga. I watched the match. I was upset at him. But I could see he was beating himself up already. I could imagine his shame. Did anybody have to rub it in???

Please, in our jokes, let us be sure we aren’t making ourselves look good and witty at the expense of someone else.
Many of the assassins/terrorists/despots/tyrants through history have been people who wanted to “pay back” those that laughed at them.
Can we make this world less painful for people? Yes we can! Let’s stop laughing at other people’s expense.

Let’s build up and not tear down.
Let’s commit to bringing smiles not tears.
Let’s choose to love!

I am FOREVER in love!

This would be a long read but I believe it would be worth your time.

The cutie whose face you can see in this picture is my daughter, Esther…and I love her for life!
For those who have seen her, she’s quite big for a four-year old. It’s ironic that she was very ‘fragile’ before (when she was sick at a younger age). Her size today is simply God’s grace and goodness πŸ˜€

Back to my gist. So, yesterday, when in church, she came to me and asked to be carried. I refused initially because we were having a prayer session and I didn’t want to have such a weight on me as I paced and prayed.
But her hands did not go down. She kept them raised and insisted I carried her. Giving in, I teased her a bit then carried her. I felt her weight all the way. I felt pain in my arms and in my back but my Esther felt no pain. She was snuggled up against my chest, head on my shoulder.

Precious minutes passed as I paced and prayed, carrying her, until she slept off. I then laid her down to continue her beauty sleep.
As I carried her and prayed, I meditated on the love of the Father for me.
The Father loves us more than we could ever love our children. Our love is still imperfect because we are humans but God’s love for us is PERFECT.

If a busy dad would carry his daughter at an inconvenient time, just to make her happy, why do you think your Heavenly Father isn’t carrying you in His arms RIGHT NOW?
If my daughter’s comfort is my joy, why do you think the Father doesn’t care about your comfort?
If I do all in my power to make my daughter have a good education and learn things I never did learn (like swimming πŸ™ˆ), why do you think Romans 8:31-32 isn’t real? The Father will NEVER withhold any good thing from you.
Do you know why we often doubt the Father’s love? Because we view Him through the lenses of our earthly fathers who have failed us at some points. Or we perceive Him through the words of prejudiced or angry “men of God”
My brother/sister, The Father loves you! He showed the extent of His love in giving up His own Son, so He could have you.